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Put Your Renovation Plans Into Action

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For those who have been considering a home renovation project, now may be the ideal time to get the ball rolling or start making plans.

The cooler autumn weather means more comfortable temperatures for renovations and hopefully fewer weather delays. If you’re hoping to put your renovation plans into place in 2021, here are five reasons why insulation should be on your list of renovating priorities.

• Improve home comfort and wellbeing – Installing insulation is one of the most valuable investments a homeowner can make as it will keep homes cool in summer and warm in winter. Installing insulation improves comfort levels by creating a barrier that resists the transfer of heat energy coming in and out of the home through the floor, walls and ceiling. This resistance is known as the ‘R-value’ and the higher the ‘R-value’ the more effective the insulation. Earthwool® insulation comes in a range of R-values to suit different energy requirements, so your home will stay at a comfortable temperature all year-round.
• Create zones for everyone – With an almost 20 per cent increase in Australians working from home on most days since March 2020, creating zones in the home with minimal noise and distractions has never been more important. The same goes for a baby nursery, playroom or media room. Insulation will also absorb sound transfer in external and internal walls, helping to separate the home into peaceful areas that suit everyone’s needs.
• Be more sustainable – For those seeking sustainable product solutions, Earthwool® insulation is made using up to 80 per cent recycled glass, providing inherent thermal, acoustic and fire performance. Importantly, the insulation is made with ECOSE® Technology, which is a renewable, bio-based binding material with no added formaldehyde or petro-based chemicals.
• Reduce energy bills – Insulation is as effective keeping the heat in, as it is keeping the heat out. On average, households with ceiling, wall and under floor insulation can save around $450 per year on energy bills while maintaining a comfortable internal temperature all year round.
• Do more DIY – While installing insulation is often undertaken by professional tradespeople, the super soft, low-itch qualities of Earthwool® make it a suitable product for capable DIYers. Knauf Insulation’s fiberisation process creates soft and comfortable to handle glasswool to reduce irritation and the patented ECOSE® Technology binder results in a much softer, lessdusty insulation product compared to traditional glasswool products. Prepare beforehand by watching the Earthwool® DIY videos and reading the installation instructions on the Earthwool® website. These resources explain what’s involved in the process, what tools are needed to complete the job and runs through some important safety advice. Ensure you’re wearing the appropriate clothing and safety equipment, including eye protection and gloves.

For more information visit www.earthwool.com.au.

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