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Precision and Power Unplugged

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Precise, quick and guided cuts with lots of power – and no cable? Not a problem with the new cordless plunge-cut saw TSC 55 from Festool. Performance, power and precision are at the same high level as with the tried-and-tested mains power operated plunge-cut saw TS 55 R. Festool equipped its new TSC with a brushless EC-TEC motor and dual battery concept for operation up to 36V. Together with the new dust bag, it ensures dust-free work and as a cordless version it is the ideal plunge-cut saw for work in interior fittings and assembly independent of a mains power supply. 

The new TSC 55 from Festool is the world’s first 36V cordless plunge-cut saw, which offers all the advantages of a mains power operated plunge-cut saw TS 55 R and does not compromise on performance, power and precision: Splinter-free, precise and proximate sawing in combination with the guide rail, enhanced safety thanks to the quick-acting brake and the guide wedge, as well as exact angle setting for precise undercuts. During the development of the TSC 55 Festool also thought about dust-free work. Thanks to the new dust bag with capacity for up to ten cutting metres, clean work is also possible without a mobile dust extractor. This enables work in various locations independent of the power supply. Applications such as cutting doors to length, sawing recesses in kitchen worktops or cutting sheet material, working upstairs, and also false joints and expansion joints in parquet floors, can now be completed easily, quickly and to the usual quality, but without the need to drag a cable around.

With the dual battery system all 15V and 18V lithium-ion battery packs from Festool can be used. The system makes possible the use of not only one but two batteries in any combination: 18V/18V or 18V/15V or 15V/15V depending on the requirements and needs of the tradesman. If the focus is on maximum power during sawing, then two battery packs can achieve a power of 36V. In contrast, if a lightweight tool is required, then the use of only one battery pack with 18V or 15V is possible.

Further information on the new TSC 55 plunge cut saw visit plungesaw.com.au or festool.com.au.

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