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PFERD Polifan Curve Flap Discs

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Removing material from fillet welds is often a slow process that requires the use of several discs to gain access deep into the optimum grinding geometry of the fillet weld.

The process burns through both time and discs to achieve the required high-quality finish.

Sometimes as a fabricator or welder you may be working on structural beams that will be covered by sheeting or other materials, which means you don’t have to be too particular in this area. However, if your client requires an exposed beam or architectural finish, precision finishes are required, and that calls for a top-shelf product to achieve a top-shelf result.

PFERD are experts in abrasives with unique innovations, which help set their products above the competition. Tungsten carbide burrs and sets, wire brushes, fan grinders, hole saws and sets, abrasive belts and flap discs – there is a huge range for specific grinding and abrasive needs.

The Polifan Curve disc will become your new best friend if you weld and regularly need to remove material from fillet welds. The fact that you are grinding as opposed to cutting means you can remove loads of material extremely quickly and achieve results that would have previously taken a considerably longer timeframe. The result is better looking finishes and outstanding tool life when working on fillet welds – high stock removal and precise and optimum grinding of the fillet weld geometry.

The PFERD Polifan Curve is the perfect disc for creating flawless fillet welds on Steel, Stainless Steel (INOX), and Aluminium. It can also be used like a standard flap disc, for weld dressing, chamfering and deburring.

  • Energy saving
  • Waste saving
  • High stock removal
  • Precise and accurate grinding

Test Time

To test this product I caught up with James Sullman from S.W.A.T Fabrications who was thoroughly impressed with the stock removal capabilities and the life span of the disc. James shared, “This product is going to be a huge time saver for us here at S.W.A.T Fabrications. We do a pile of fillet welding and grinding to get architectural quality results. Some weeks we spend days and days on end preparing work that this disc has been designed to do. So, for me personally to put this Polifan Curve to test to see first-hand how much material it removes and the quality of the finish it can achieve is mind blowing. It is really going to save us time and money moving forward.”

James continued, “To show the tool disc being used in various examples I mocked up a few typical scenarios we are regularly asked to produce. From aluminium (typically clogs up discs very quickly) and structural endplates on steel beams for weld preparation to stainless collars, the PFERD product excelled across the board. This would have to be the best product of this type we have seen or used to date. Available in a range of disc sizes from 115mm, 125mm and 180mm. You can also choose between two disc thicknesses to suit your application either 11mm or 16mm thick.”

I always enjoy seeing a tradie get enthusiastic about a new product that can have a positive impact on their work. It was obvious that the Polifan Curve was going to make life easier for the boys at S.W.A.T Fabrications when it comes to finishing fillet welds.

PFERD Polifan Curve Flap Discs

  • Less Vibration
  • Less Noise
  • Less Dust
  • Better Feel

The Wrap-Up

A product that has the potential to save tradies time and money and reduce wasted material gets a big thumbs up from us here at BCM For Tradies. The Polifan Curve well and truly fits into that category. If you are a metal worker of any kind that works on fillet welds, weld dressing, chamfering or deburring – check out this great product from PFERD along with the rest of their impressive range.

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