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PFERD Drill Bits & Sets Hssg-steel

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When it is time for some serious metal drilling, you will need some serious drill bits.The PFERD team has an impressive range of fully ground drill bits with cross grinding that are ready to tackle materials like steel, cast steel, grey cast iron, annealed cast iron, bronze, brass, and aluminium.

These high-speed steel twist drill bits have been designed for industrial use and are suitable for highly precise positioning on workpieces due to their centring tip.

These are made from tempered billet steel and are ground at the tip and along their flutes. The material of the bit is ground directly into shape with the use of a grinder. Making this type of drill bit (HSSG) very symmetrical, and easy to centre, providing a long tool life and good chip removal. The grinding finish also applies to the cut tip at the centre of the drill tip, which reduces the feed forces needed during use. PFERD spiral drill bit tips have a 118-degree angle.

Before we get started, it is worth mentioning the importance of observing and sticking to the recommended rotational speed setting for various sized drill bits when drilling into metal and the importance of a good cutting oil or cooling lubricant. Using a high-quality oil or lubricant will help produce smooth drilling, clean finishes and prolong the bit’s life. When drilling aluminium, kerosene can be used instead of oil.

For our testing, we had on hand PFERD’s 19 Piece Set (1-10mm HSSG) and PFERD’s 25 Piece Set (1-13mm). Both sets increasing in 0.5mm increments.

We have a range of structural steel and aluminium sections available for our testing, with the thickest being a section of I-Beam, which was 10mm thick. BCM tackled this with the trusty 18V drill and took our time leaving the drill at low speed and regularly lubricating during the process. Our first hole was drilled using the 6.5mm bit. Then we jumped up to the 9.5 to try opening it up. We did not apply huge amounts of downward force, instead just letting the sharp edge of the bit do the hard work for us. BCM result was crisp and clean, producing a very nice hole in our most challenging test.

For our next test, we opted to do something a little bit different and put the PFERD bit into the drill press and produce a series of holes into some aluminium square tubing. Slowly lowering the press into the aluminium, letting the bit’s sharp edge do the hard work again produced stunning clean holes into our material.

Taking a good look at the chisel and flute of the PFERD bits showed no wear on any of the bits. Granted, we changed sizes across various materials, but even the 6.5 and 9.5 that BCM used on the I-Beam were in great shape. There was no visible damage, and an excellent sharp edge was retained on all of the bits.

I am a big fan of convenience and proper storage of drill bits, and the PFERD plastic box seems to be of good quality. When I accidentally dropped one of the cases, there was no crack or breakage to the plastic container.

A good tip to get the most out of your bits is to clean your bit after use by removing any particles which can develop corrosion if not removed.

PFERD HSSG drill bits are precision ground both in the chip flute, guide chamfer, and drill tip. They also have cross grinding. These techniques combine to produce exact and ultra-sharp drilling qualities. They were delivering a brilliant result with an easy drilling experience. You cannot ask for more than that!

Visit PFERD online. www.PFERD.com.au or contact the customer service team, available from Monday-Friday 8:30am to 5.00pm on 1300 073 373. You can also find your nearest PFERD Key Distributor on the PFERD website.

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