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Pferd Aluminium Ultra-thin Cut Off Wheels (1.0 And 1.6mm)

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There is no denying just how amazing aluminium is as a metal – being one-third the weight of steel and copper but with strength and flexibility has seen it become a popular metal of today. However, achieving smooth and clean precision cuts has proven to be a challenge.

Therefore, there is no surprise PFERD’s Aluminium Ultra-Thin Cut-Off Wheels are being so widely embraced here in Australia and worldwide. The German-made cut-off wheels produce exact cuts, achieving less vibration, faster cutting and greater user comfort. All while creating less material wastage, less noise and lower stress on the power tool. But the real impressive feature was the fact that these wheels don’t bite or grab.

The wheel’s design means the operator won’t need to use any messy oil or waxes when cutting and the ultra-thin wheel design of 1mm and 1.6mm will provide fast cuts with minimised burr formation. The cut-off wheels contain no fillers or waxes, which mean you won’t find any residue after cutting on your work piece, allowing you to weld immediately after cutting.

When you are facing projects with vast numbers of cuts, speed can become a significant factor. Don’t ever rush the cuts or compromise safety, but if a particular wheel achieves a substantially faster cut throughout a project you’re going to save time and money. When it comes to reduced noise and vibration, this will be a huge bonus for the worker, reducing fatigue and stress over a busy day.

All of these factors rated well in our testing process. Our metal fabricator Jimmy from S.W.A.T. Fabrications commented about his experience, “Less vibration means cleaner, more precise cuts, and the fact that they are less noisy to use makes the working environment for others in the area a bonus. Our projects can involve dozens if not hundreds of cuts in a single day if we are producing racks or other items and the fast cutting times of these wheels will add up at the end of the day.” I have in the past had aluminium discs grab and bite, on more than several occasions, almost ripping the grinder out of my hands, so to not experience any tendency to want to bite on the metal was an excellent feature to improve safety of this task.

Speed is a good indicator of the quality of the abrasive, especially when also producing a precise and high-quality cut. In our testing we cut a number of aluminium channels and sections and the quality and speed was exactly as promised. As you can imagine tradies come across products from time to time that over promise and under deliver, but this definitely wasn’t the case with the PFERD Aluminium Ultra-Thin Cut-Off Wheels.

Jimmy shared his thoughts on the performance and quality of the PFERD Aluminium Ultra-Thin Cut-Off Wheels, “a top-quality cut-off wheel needs to tick quite a few boxes. First and foremost it needs to produce a high end cut, and then next it needs to achieve it fairly quickly – even if these two things are achieved but the disc simply doesn’t last and I burn through piles of wheels every hour, then they just won’t cut it in the long run. But these PFERD cut-off wheels ticked all of these boxes, and then some.”

Over the last 12 months we’ve tested several PFERD products including the Polifan Curve and the VSM Actirox Abrasive Discs. Every product we have tested hasn’t just performed as expected but exceeded our expectations and that of the metal fabricators we enlisted to test the products and use these types of products day in, day out. Therefore we were pretty happy to find that the Aluminium Ultra-Thin Cut-Off Wheels were no exception. The German PFERD engineering of these wheels has lived up to the expectations of other high-end German-made products.

Our cuts were super clean and precise, and in comparison to other discs Jimmy had used they lasted longer over the course of the project and produced better results than his normal go-to cut-off wheel. Simply put, any product that can produce better results in less time and lasts longer is a win-win for tradies and will be welcomed into the workshop or business with open arms.

Visit PFERD online www.pferd.com.au or contact the customer service team available from Monday-Friday, 8:30am to 5.00pm on 1300 073 373, you can also find your nearest PFERD Key Distributor on the PFERD website.

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