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Paslode TrimMaster Straight Bradder

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The Paslode TrimMaster Straight Bradder is loaded with all the high performance features you are familiar with.

It also boasts a few extra tricks to make your job easier. Decades of experience and global leadership in precision nail gun design makes Paslode the tool of choice.

Superior Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

The TrimMaster-Li Straight Bradder features an upgraded 7.2 Volt Lithium-Ion battery. It features a quick one-hour full charge turnaround and each charge now drives up to 9000 shots. That’s 50 per cent more than the outgoing Ni-Cad battery.

Swap’n’Lock Front Plates

The Swap’n’Lock system is unique to the TrimMaster Straight Bradder. It gives builders the ability to quickly and easily swap front plates, which allows you to use different gauge brads. Each front plate is designed to the exact tolerance required for the specific brad diameter ensuring superior driving performance every time. The system works with 16ga C Series (1.6mm) brads and 14ga ND Series (2mm) brads.

Nd Functionality

The Paslode ND Series (2mm) brads are an integral part of both internal trim and exterior cladding applications. They are available from 32-62mm in both electro galv and stainless finishes. Paslode ND brads feature increased strength, holding power and corrosive protection properties. Some of Australia’s leading building supply partners have approved and specify Paslode ND brads.

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