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Paslode – Impulse Straight Bradder

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We love to bring you the latest and greatest products here at BCM, but this review involves a great combination of two impressive products that, when used together, are kicking some serious goals on development sites around Australia. I’m talking about Paslode’s Impulse Straight Bradder to fix and install Hardie® Fine Texture Cladding formerly known as EasyTex.

What is so special about this combo? To answer that question, BCM headed out to Mount Annan to visit a Sunland Group’s worksite and chat with their tradie team. After watching the lads rip in with the Paslode Impulse Straight Bradder, it is pretty clear safety, speed, and precision are all significant features of this combination.

Not having air hoses and compressors around tradies feet working on rooftops and scaffolding is a massive plus. Removing trip hazards and the time that is gained by not having to manage air hoses and compressors over large work areas is an important safety factor and time saver. But the other huge benefit of this pairing is the consistency and reliability of the Impulse Gas delivery system, which means once the Brad depth is dialled in with the ND50mm Brads, there is basically no finishing required. The Hardie™ Fine Texture cladding can be painted with very little to no patching or filling of the Brad head holes. Whereas with an air compressor, there is a much greater risk of overshooting and inconsistent Brad depth.

I love to get the drones perspective on most of our reviews, but particularly, on nice big jobs like this one with 110 townhouses. The birds-eye view of the drone was telling, as one team was working with a compressor and air hose/ gun, and another was working with the Impulse Straight Bradder. The freedom and speed of the Paslode were evident watching from above. Also, seeing the air hose snake down the scaffolding and the potential for getting caught was always there. Also factoring the set up and pack down of the compressor system is a big time factor that needs to be thought about.

I had the opportunity to have a chat with one of Sunland Groups builders, Aaron Gatley, who has been working with Sunland for five years, to get his take on how well the Hardie™ Fine Texture cladding is being installed with the Paslode Impulse Straight Bradder. Aaron shared, “we have been making excellent progress with both of these products. The 50mm ND Brads do the trick well on the Hardie™ Fine Texture cladding. The speed of the installation is impressive. We have steel frames on this site which we are fixing plywood to, then using the Paslode to fix the cladding and on the joins and end joints using backing strips and sickaflex. But the real winner is the the minimal, if any patching on the cladding, which means there are two ways you save time when using the Paslode Straight Bradder and Hardie™ Fine Texture cladding. With both installation and finishing, saving time on the front and back ends of the process.”

Aaron continued, “These Paslode Bradders are light, just over 2kgs, so they are not only easy to use, but you barely notice them on your belt. The power is great and the Paslode Impulse Bradder is the only 14 Gauge bradder on the market.”

The proof is in the pudding, they say, and standing back and having a good look at not just the finished painted cladding up-close, but also the pre-painted cladding where the heads of the brads are barely visible. You can see why the Paslode Straight Bradder is the perfect choice for this cladding (and many others), along with a pile of other finishing tasks such as mouldings, skirting, cabinetry, temporary tacking, window frames and door jams. You can see from the image of the finished Hardie™ Fine Texture cladding panel you cannot fault the finish.

The Swap’ n’ lock removable nose adds even further value to the Paslode with the ability to allow the added flexibility of up to 16ga (C) with the one tool. A single battery charge produces 9000 shots, and the gun is easy to manage with your DIY cleaning.

All in all, the Paslode Impulse Straight Bradder has done exceedingly well with the Hardie™ Fine Texture cladding on the Sunland Group development. The strengths BCM have mentioned fit perfectly with this cladding option that is growing in popularity across Australian sites.

So if you have been living under a rock and are not familiar with either of these two products jump onto their relevant websites to get a pile more information on both of these two great products.

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