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Paslode IM 250S-LI Impulse Trimmaster Bradder

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By now you would have to be a first-year apprentice or hiding under a rock for the past two decades to not be familiar with the Paslode Impulse range.

The first Paslode Impulse nail gun hit the shelves back in 1986 and since then there has been a steady development of new features and improvements, which has led to Paslode being the number one nail and finish gun used on work sites around the globe.

When the Paslode Impulse TrimMaster landed on my desk for testing I thought this time we might take on a new approach rather than just using the gun in a host of situations you have all undertaken yourselves. However, just to tick that box this gun is perfect for your moulding, architrave, skirting boards, beading, panelling, quads and stair rail applications. It has the ability to now use ND brads so you can also include door jams, cladding and window reveals to the list.

For this test I decided to head down to see my good old mate Jay Jay at Northshore Timbers at Mona Vale who hooked me up with a range of materials that were sure to test the power and performance of this gun.

If we’re being honest, the Paslode system isn’t the latest technology on the market. There’s a host of competitor brands bringing out brand new battery operated nail and finish gun solutions. I’m the first one to adopt new technologies and systems when they provide a better, quicker and cheaper option, but when it comes to nail and finish gun tools, there is yet to be a battery operated gun that has come close to the power and light weight of the Paslode system.

Tonnes of Features

The Paslode Impulse TrimMaster comes with a host of amazing features, including a Lithium-ion battery that delivers 50 per cent more shots per charge (9000 shots per 1-hour charge), as well as a battery on/off position to disengage the battery so it’s ready to go for next time. The SWAP-N-Lock feature allows you to easily change from 16ga to 14ga brads(for heavier duty applications). The quick clear nose feature reduces downtime if a fastener jam occurs and the brad lockout feature eliminates blank tool firing to protect timber and tool. The low actuation pressure reduces operator fatigue and best of all it has been perfectly designed to fit into your hand for comfort and safety.

The list of features is impressive but what I have decided to focus on today is the actual firing performance of the gun. When it came to the test I figured we would use the thinner diameter shank C brads because the NDs are only going to be stronger still.

The first material in our test was a section of standard timber cladding 10mm thick. The Paslode Impulse TrimMaster effortlessly punched four brads through this, as expected. Next in line was the yellow tongue, which again was no problem.

This test was arranged to provide more of a challenge with each new material and it was on the black butt hardwood flooring that I thought we might start to see the C brads reach their limits, but again each brad fired cleanly and effortlessly through the flooring with perfect penetration.

A True Test of Power

This is where things got really interesting because my next section of timber was 20mm thick hardwood decking. This is the kind of decking you would more than likely pre-drill and screw with stainless screws on a quality deck. I didn’t think the Paslode Impulse TrimMaster was going to get through this material but to my amazement, all three shots went straight through giving depth of the head of the brad on the surface of the material.

Next in line was a small section of ModWood and again the Paslode fired clean and true. It wasn’t until I reached my final text piece, which was a section of Inex Weather Board made from an advanced high strength, low carbon fiber reinforced Engineered Cementitious Composite product, 16mm in thickness and super tough. Now just to be clear this is well and truly into the range where you should be changing over to the heavy duty ND brads, but I was more interested to see exactly where the limitations of the gun using standard C brads was. To my surprise, the first two shots went straight through and it wasn’t until the third shot that the C Brad buckled and twisted on the surface of the material.

As far as I was concerned two out of  three ain’t bad at all.

The Wrap-Up!

The whole concept of this test was to show the unmatched power of the Paslode and the results speak for themselves. The Paslode IM250S-Li Impulse TrimMaster Bradder has proved yet again that when it comes to a lightweight (2.1kg) finish gun no other can come close to matching its pure nail driving power and performance.

I can’t see why you would carry around the substantial extra weight of a battery operated gun that isn’t going to come close to delivering the same power. This little performer packs a punch well above its weight.

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