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Paslode Coilmaster™

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All you have to do is ask any tradie what they think of using coil guns and you will pretty much get the same answer over and over again.

Tradies love the power and performance of the operation but hate having to set up and transport compressors and hoses. Not to mention the added trip hazards of the air hoses and added weight and toll it takes on the body after a big day.

Paslode’s CoilMaster is Australia’s first cordless coil nailer and has truly been a game-changer for builders and carpenters out there who have adopted this awesome new tool into their daily tasks of fixing brackets, metal strapping, bracing ply, short-run fencing and cladding.

When the Paslode CoilMaster arrived I called my mate Alex Woodley from Woodley Projects. Alex was right in the middle of the perfect job for this test where the cladding was going up and there was bracing ply and other tasks ready for the CoilMaster to tackle.

As luck would have it Alex had purchased his own CoilMaster a few weeks earlier and the boys loved the flexibility and convenience of the air-free systems. Alex shared, “There is no doubt there has been a significant improvement in productivity of this cordless system and the added safety and reduction of risk of someone tripping on a hose is a huge bonus.”

Alex’s team had been flying through the boards with one gun but when we arrived on-site with a second CoilMaster, things got seriously fast. With one chippy cutting the Weathertex and two chippies at each end of the lengths with a gun each on their hip, it was awesome to watch the productivity go through the roof. The boys were on fire.


  • Removable no mar tip
  • No hose
  • Depth of drive wheel adjustment
  • Adjustable nail tray
  • Interchangeable battery
  • Comfort ergonomics
  • Cordless convenience
  • Enhanced fan performance
  • Cordless Convenience
  • Increased Productivity
  • Applications Include:
  • Cladding
  • Metal Connectors (check install guides)
  • Bracing

When I asked chippy Dan what he loved about the CoilMaster, he shared, “The consistency of the depth of the nails is great, especially because we are face fixing with these boards and a perfectly set nail just finished things off extremely well. The gun is also weighted extremely well and it feels great in your hand. Weight or lack thereof is also pretty impressive, it is a light gun.”

There are quite a few uses for the CoilMaster on residential sites, and with Paslode’s range of nails for specific tasks, you will find the CoilMaster ideal for a range of situations where you would have previously been searching for your hammer and chewing up time. The CoilMaster will reduce substantial amounts of time completing tasks such as eave sheets-fibre cement (use the 32 SHEG Nail), villa board (6mm fibre cement wet area board), ceramic tile underlay. and cladding applications across James Hardie and Weathertex ranges.

There a five fastener types with multi-use applications that include metal connectors, strap and ply bracing, including fencing, cladding, blue board, villa board and external metal connectors.

When working in a coastal area there is also a stainless-steel option, which is perfect for fencing, cladding and decking maintenance, which will stand up to the salty air conditions.

The Wrap-Up

Watching the Woodley Projects boys rip into the Weathertex cladding and achieve such great results with the two guns, I think that having two guns on projects like cladding would be the way to go. The ease of loading the CoilMaster and the removal of hoses and compressors is a game-changer.

The precision and ease of the depth adjustment, and the fact that the li-on battery can be interchanged from the Paslode FrameMaster are other great features. I do need to mention that if you are doing long run fencing or have large amounts of ply bracing to get up, you may still find that your compressor might be a better option in the long run, but if you are renovating houses in a normal residential environment, the CoilMaster will be the perfect tool for the job.

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