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Otter Chemshield™ Coated Fasteners

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Being Australian we love our ‘Gal’ coated fasteners, but modern times call for modern technology and that is where Otter Chemshield™ coated fasteners come in.

Galvanised fasteners can corrode prematurely in ACQ treated timbers, so Otter developed Chemshield™ to protect the fasteners against the corrosive chemicals in timber treatments. Chemshield™ is also great for other popular timber types due to its coloured organic topcoat, which can be matched perfectly with timbers such as Merbau.

The Chemshield™ process is a patented technology using a four-stage coating system. Users will benefit from exceptional corrosion resistance, built-in friction modifiers that reduce installation time and effort, and to top it off, a selection of coloured fasteners that match the timber application.

To put this in perspective, Chemshield™ can last up to two times longer than class 3 galvanised coatings when applied in ACQ timber! Price wise, they are cheaper than stainless steel and retain the strength of steel, compared to softer stainless steel.

Highlights from the range include the massive BBEM Landscaping Screw, which is available in lengths up to a whopping 250mm and ideal for landscaping, framing, pergolas and carports. Otter Chemshield™ coatings are also available for treated pine decking screws, hardwood decking self-drilling and self-embedding screws and decking nails.

The Otter Chemshield™ products are proudly distributed by Airco Brands – a wholly Australian, family owned business.

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