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Oliver Boots At55 And At45 Range

by editor

Those familiar with Oliver boots will have owned or seen the 150mm and 200mm ranges. These two key styles have been hugely successful in Oliver’s construction and mining boots. But in an exciting new development, both the AT45 and AT55 range are now available in the 130mm Hiker range.

The low-cut ankle boot offers great flexibility and comfort for either tradies or professionals not requiring the added stability and support of the longer 150mm and 200mm versions. It’s an excellent choice for operators of heavy machinery, transport/factory workers and tradies still looking for the same fit, feel and protection Oliver is renowned for.

In a great transition over to lifestyle activities, the new low-cut Hiker range will perfectly align to activities like hiking, camping, driving 4WDs, chopping wood and mountain biking. Due to the lower ankle cut, the premium AT55 series Hiker design provides a superior range of flex and movement. The comfortable ankle fit with the addition of a new inner ankle collar, made from foam, sits snugly around the Achilles tendon and heel to prevent heel slip and rubbing.

The Oliver AT45 work boots offer superior protection, regardless of the chosen boot length – 130mm, 150mm or 200mm. There’s a long list of features and technologies that have gone into making these AT45 boots extremely comfortable. They’re water-resistant, stink-free, extremely comfortable, and impact and shock-absorbent with a long-lasting, self-cleaning, abrasion-resistant TPU sole.

We don’t have room to list all the amazing attributes, but we know there’s a truckload of R&D gone into producing a boot of this quality.

For our test, I pulled on a fresh pair of AT45s and wore them every day for a week, and from the first sliding on of the boot the initial comfort and support didn’t fade at all. Climbing in and out of machines, the work ute and accessing various worksites, the AT45s were awesome.

If any trade is going to know the feeling of red-hot metal grindings and welding splatter going down the inside of a boot it would be a welder/metal fabricator, so to put the AT55 Hi-cut boot (200mm) to the test, we enlisted the help of Ed Sullman from SWAT Fabrications.

The extra 50mm of length means the laces only start from up past the ankle, roughly where a normal boot would finish. That means the wearer is protected with virtually no chance of any hot metal making contact with the leg or skin.

This is the lightest AT55 produced to date, and with top-shelf technologies and features like COOLstep, SOFTstride, COMFORTcushion, PORON, NATUREform and TECtuff you can rest assured this is Oliver’s premium work boot. Everything from moisture absorption, odour-reducing linings, Kevlar thread on critical seams, shock-absorption and impact-reduction systems have all been successfully built in.

After filming Ed as he worked on a custom piece which required substantial grinding it became obvious how excellent this length boot is for those grinding, cutting and welding metal. Not only did it do a fantastic job at protecting Ed’s legs, it provided the most comfortable work boot Ed has worn.

“The Oliver AT55s have been my go-to boot for a while now,” he shared. “They breathe exceptionally well, even in hot summer conditions. They offer comfort that is second to none, and lastly offer protection when welding and grinding above and beyond any other boot I’ve worn.”

I absolutely flogged these Oliver boots.

After sitting down and conjuring up the best ways to test the durability of my AT45s, I started with an abrasion test. This involved tying the boots to my towbar and doing a few hot laps around the worksite with the Olivers dragging behind.

Did they get a little beat up?
Yep. There was mud, dirt and a few scuffs, but the leather panels and abrasionresistant sole stayed true and, after a clean-up, were ready to get back into work.

Next was the heat/fire test. I figured I’d go straight to the Hot Devil blow torch and hit both the leather panels and the heatresistant sole. Both the leather and sole did exceptionally well. Other than a bit of discolouring where the flame blasted the boot there was zero damage other than a light toasting.

The Oliver AT45 and AT55 ranges are as impressive in performance, comfort and durability as they are in safety and protection. Simply put, they are built to outlast and outperform the competition, and with the safety and comfort features that have gone into the design I think you will struggle to find a better work boot.

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