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HART – Nothing Hits Harder

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When you’ve got heavy-duty demo work to complete, you don’t need a lightweight sledge hammer that bounces off the material you want to smash through.

You need a HART 3.6kg (8lb) sledge hammer with features that quickly turn into benefits for tradies who don’t have time or energy to waste.

Not all tradies recognise that a lot of thought has gone into designing this HART sledge hammer to deliver the best results with the least amount of effort.

This sledge hammer’s cross strike face has been engineered to increase the striking blow capacity to help break up concrete. Its side strike has a larger surface area, which is perfect for driving in star pickets and stakes (less chance of missing the target).

If you’ve got a big demo job ahead of you, the anti-vibration design reduces user fatigue by up to 30 per cent (you’ll notice the difference at the end of the day!).

The anti-vibe is divided into two areas. Firstly, there are two separate anti-vibration chambers in the head, and a secondary anti-vibe fibreglass handle absorbs more impact shock. Add in a non-slip SureGrip™ rubber overmold on the handle and you’ll instantly notice the difference when you begin using this sledge hammer.

Don’t waste time mucking around with your old busted up hammer. Pick up a new HART 3.6kg sledge hammer today.

Available at Bunnings Warehouse.

[colored_box color=”yellow”]For more info visit www.harttools.com.au[/colored_box]

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