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New Multi-Tools from Bosch introduce Starlock

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New Multi-Tools from Bosch introduce Starlock – a safer & faster mounting system that delivers more precise and accurate results.

• Starlock Mounting System sets a new standard in accessory management
• ‘Snap-In’ system for safer, quicker, tool-free accessory change
• Three performance classes with 48 compatible accessories
• Five versatile multi-cutters models, including two with cordless functionality

Bosch is expanding its range of professional Multi-Tools to include 5 new versatile models: the GOP 55-36 Professional, GOP 40-30 Professional and GOP 30-28 Professional corded tools; the GOP 18V-28 Professional and GOP 10.8V-28 Professional cordless multi-tools.

The Starlock Universal Accessories Mounting System by Bosch
Trade professionals can now make safe, quick & efficient accessory changes (within 3 seconds) while also improving work progress. The innovative Starlock system is a cutting edge 3D interface design which enables snap-in accessory changes without the need for a tool, or having to touch a hot blade. The system also delivers 100% power transmission for better results.

The Starlock accessories are available in three performance classes: Starlock, StarlockPlus and StarlockMax. These performance classes are used to help tradies select accessories that match their chosen tool’s power ‒ ensuring maximum product lifetime.

There are currently 48 different Starlock-compatible accessories including the unique precision plunge blades and sanding fingers. All attachments include a convenient color-coded system which enables users to easily identify the accessories most suitable for each material.

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