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National Tradesmen Day!

by admin2

Aussie tradies get up at the crack of dawn and do hard physical labour every day, often without a word of thanks. They put in the hard yards to improve our lives and help build Australia, such as building our schools, fixing our cars and crawling under our house to fix our plumbing. That’s why IRWIN Tools has declared 20.09.13 National Tradesmen Day, a day to say thanks Aussie tradies.


As part of the National Tradesmen Day celebrations, IRWIN Tools are saying thanks to Aussies tradies by giving $10,000 in cash prizes; made up of $500 weekday prizes and $5,000 to be won on National Tradesmen Day.

There will also be $500 IRWIN Tools prize packs up for grabs. Entries will be captured on the IRWIN Tools Facebook page up until September 18th.


IRWIN will be hosting 50 National Tradesmen Day BBQ’s across the country where tradies can grab a bite to eat and receive product samples and promotional giveaways.

For more information on our National Tradesmen Day activities please visit the NTD landing page on the IRWIN web site.

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