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MOTEXION Australia is an importer of wooden flooring, wall panels and vapour barriers/bulkheads for vans.

MOTEXION Australia have been operating since 1985 in Europe and 2006 in Australia.

Their products make it easy for a van or fleet owner to protect their investment and improve resale values by protecting their vehicle from the inside from dents and rust forming.


A simple pre-cut and drilled floor is easy to install in the back of the van. With the flush tiedown system you have free and easy access with pallets and cartons. The floor can also be used to anchor racking and drawer systems. It is also Fenol coated to protect against water, oil, acid and fuels.

Wall Panels

Everything pre-cut and drilled so there is no damage to any vital parts of the vans. The wall panels have a plastic coating for extra strength, easy cleaning and stopping fluids getting into the wood.

Vapour Barrier/Bulkhead

Quieten the driver operator area by 50 per cent as well as reducing the aircon area to about 25 per cent without loss of cold air. It also protects from small flying objects like screws and screw drivers as well as larger heavier pieces. Tested to 300kg.

All products are made from certified FSC products, which means they are environmentally sustainably produced. All products are also made of Birch plywood, a hard wood grown in northern Europe on dedicated plantations.

MOTEXION Australia supply the highest quality available for long lasting protection and money savings in the long run.

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