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MiTek Easycat App

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MiTek’s EasyCat App makes choosing the right Engineered Building Product as easy as…

This is probably the most important tool a builder or certifier can take on-site. MiTek’s FREE EasyCat App is an electronic catalogue of Engineered Building Products (EBPs) produced by MiTek Australia. It contains the latest data sheets and, where applicable, links to short, instructional videos demonstrating correct installation of EBPs.

MiTek’s huge range of EBPs are designed and engineered to meet the individual requirements of each particular job. Plus, all are rigorously tested and retested to ensure they pass and in most cases, exceed Australian Standards.

This is especially important when it comes to ensuring the structural integrity of your building or structure… and that compliant load-bearing requirement are met. The EasyCat App is easy to navigate, allowing the user to find facts fast with a ‘search’ feature – plus the ability to go straight to a ‘favourites’ section. EBPs are broken down into groups ie: Bracing, Girder Brackets, Roof Ties… and more. Having a ready-reference, handy, on-site tool like the MiTek EasyCat App makes so much sense. It gives you peace-of-mind you are using the right EBP for the right application. The best thing though: the MiTek EasyCat App is FREE, with regular updates (as products and/or Australian Standards change)… will also be FREE.

MiTek’s EasyCat App can be downloaded from the Mac App Store or the Google Play store so it works on both Mac and Android devices.

For more information visit http://mitek.com.au/easycatapp

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