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Mirka Dust Extractors

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Investing in dust-free sanding equipment is so important.

The dust that building professionals inhale while sanding surfaces is one of the most common occupational health hazards. According to WorkSafe NSW, the result of wood dust exposure can be skin disorders such as allergic dermatitis, asthma, and impaired lung function, nose irritation, rhinitis (runny nose), violent sneezing, blocked noses, nose bleeds, throat irritation, sore and watery eyes and potentially nasal cancer. Just exactly how bad it affects each person depends on the type of dust inhaled and where exactly in the respiratory tract it lingers.

Dust-free sanding products such as those developed by Finnish company Mirka, were the first to be developed and tests have shown the patented Abranet abrasives produce miniscule amounts of dust compared with a conventional system. This innovative abrasive, unlike any other, features a open weave net structure that ensures no dust particle is ever more than 0.5mm from a dust extraction hole. It is so efficient at removing potentially dangerous sanding dust that it creates a much healthier workplace. Furthermore, all Mirka dust extractors can be used with a hepa filter, which traps a large amount of very small particles that other vacuums would simply recirculate back into the air.

Mirka offers a range of sanding tools to fit any job. The Mirka LEROS is the  world’s first and only electric random orbital ceiling and wall sander. Weighing less than 3.5kg, the innovative tool is also the lightest wall and ceiling sander on the market, ensuring better ergonomics, a faster sanding process (as users can sand for longer periods without fatigue) and a smooth, perfect finish every time.

Awarded the prestigious, international Red Dot: Best of the Best Award 2018 for ground-breaking design, the Mirka LEROS features a 180-degree flexible 225mm sanding head and 5mm random orbital movement, which enables it to respond precisely to the operator’s movement. These features also allow users to reach surfaces at more ergonomic angles, making it easier on the body. Corners can also be tackled with ease thanks to the random orbital movement and the compact design of the backing pad.

The Mirka DEROS (Direct Electric Random Orbital Sander) offers professionals a high-performance sander that is ideal for surface preparation, paint removal, plaster and timber sanding. The Mirka® DEROS is exceptionally compact and the lightest on the market, weighing only 1kg. The brushless motor means a reduction in wearing components, making it low maintenance and ultra-reliable with a long lifespan. The Mirka DEROS also features a ‘closed construction’, which prevents dust that could potentially cause damage from entering the motor. The Mirka DEROS has a soft start function, a built-in electronic motor brake and a smooth, easy to operate lever to control motor speed. The unique symmetrical design also allows it to be comfortably operated by left and right handed users, and the long body provides the option of a two-hand grip.

Combined with Mirka’s revolutionary Abranet abrasives and dust extraction systems, all Mirka sanding tools provide professionals a dust-free, cleaner working environment, greater efficiency and control of the sanding task, and a superior finish.

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