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Australian Pump’s popular Mine Boss 4” diesel powered trash pump has been upgraded with new features to suit mine and construction sites. Aussie Pumps launched the Mine Boss series two years ago. The company claims it has been a success not only in Australia but around the world because it is designed to suit rugged site conditions and Australia’s strict OH&S standards.

The new pumps come with heavy duty galvanised steel trolley to permit ease of movement on site. The trolley base doubles as a bunding tray that captures fuel or oil spills from the engine.

The business end of the machine is a 4” heavy duty trash pump capable of passing solids up to 1½”. This is achieved with a big non clog style, high SG cast iron impeller with open vanes.

The pump self-primes without the need for complicated compressor or vacuum pump priming aids.
“A lot of contractors are used to dry prime pumps for site dewatering and don’t understand how simple the wet prime principle is” said Aussie Pumps Product Manager, Brad Farrugia. “Our pump incorporates a big priming chamber cast into the casing that enables it to draught water from as low a depth of 7.6 metres with ease” he said.

The 4” trash pump will produce a flow up to 1800 litres per minute and offers a maximum discharge head of 24 metres. The pump features a handy clean out port that enables it to be cleared of chokes in a matter of minutes.
“That’s a huge advantage over conventional dry prime pumps,” said Farrugia. “They generally use an induction style system, not designed for trash handling” he said.

Like all Aussie Mine Boss models, the new mobile version comes with a range of features designed specifically for both mine and construction site application. The drive is a 10 hp Yanmar electric start diesel engine with recoil back up. The engine delivers loads of power and, will run 24 hours a day with a continuous engine speed of 3,000 rpm.

The pump engine unit is mounted in a heavy duty 38mm galvanised steel trolley frame with four big 13” heavy duty steel wheels. A robust lifting bar, at the point of perfect balance, is designed into the frame to enables the unit to be moved easily by crane or excavator on site where necessary.
Aussie Mine Boss pumps all come with battery isolation, emergency stop and are supplied with fire extinguisher and safety tags to protect machine and operator.

“We go overboard on safety and continue to work with mines and leading construction companies on developing products which are safer, more efficient and more cost effective” said Farrugia.

The Aussie Mine Boss range of trash pumps all come with a free 5 year warranty that guarantees users the quality and performance of this top class Australian equipment. Aussie Pumps have doubled production of 4” trash pumps since they introduced the Mine Boss Series. It has been acclaimed not only in Australia but is now widely used and specified on African and S.E. Asian mining and construction sites.

“In these days of Australian manufacturers closing down, it is refreshing to see an Australian company not only expanding its production in Australia but effectively marketing its product into the international arena”, said Farrugia.

Further information on the Aussie Mobile Mine Boss is available from Australian Pump Industries (02 8865 3500) or their extensive Australian Gold Distributor network. www.aussiepumps.com.au

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