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Milwaukee® Step Drill Bits Deliver Jam-free Performance for Cordless Solutions

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Milwaukee Tools continue to expand its accessory offering with a focus on delivering innovative solutions for the professional user. The new Metric Step Drill Bit line provides solutions for various applications across the Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, HVAC, MRO and Remodelling trades. Made in the USA, these new Step Bits are designed for use with cordless drills in high speed for increased efficiency on the jobsite.
Gone are the days where users would have to sacrifice speed for control or control and quality for the delivery of faster cuts. Unlike traditional drill bits specifically designed for corded drills with low RPM and high torque, Milwaukee has provided a solution that allows Step Bits to do it all, deliver fast starts, more life and holes per charge across the cordless platform.
Designed with JAM-FREE Performance for tough jobsite conditions, these Step Bits boast a smooth cutting Dual Flute Design with black oxide coating, producing greater cutting speed, less heat and extending bit life. Milwaukee has also identified common problems posed by bit walking and developed a new design aptly named Rapid Strike™ Tip to combat this, ultimately saving time and promoting greater user productivity. For added user convenience, Milwaukee has integrated laser engraved reference marks with each bit in turn making it easier for the user to stop drilling based on the size required. The new bits also feature a 3-flat Secure-Grip™ shank, ensuring a solid connection with the drill chuck, less slippage and increased user precision.The new Milwaukee® Step Bits will offer a complete range of sizes (4mm to 65mm) with 4 different Step Bits and a 3 piece kit. Each bit demonstrates Milwaukee’s continued commitment to deliver innovative solutions to save time and increase productivity on the jobsite. Available now, visit your local authorised Milwaukee dealer to purchase your next Milwaukee tool and experience the Heavy DUTY difference. For more information on Milwaukee’s full line of products, please visit milwaukeetools.com.au.

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