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Master of all Trades: The Renault Master Cab/Chassis range

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If you have loads to move, crew to carry or tools to tow, the Renault Master Cab/Chassis is the exceptional answer.

Renault is making waves in the popular cab/chassis market with 2 highly competitive light trucks, perfectly suited to Tradies. They can carry as much as 2.5-tonnes of gear or supplies, and tow up to 3-tonnes.

If you’re paying for fuel, it’s good to know the Renault Master uses a frugal and clean 2.3-litre turbo-diesel engine that makes 110kW of power and a grunty 350Nm of torque, which means you won’t be hanging around on your way to or from the job.

If you like changing gears there’s a slick 6-speed manual, or, after a hard day, leave it to the optional Quickshift 6-speed automated transmission.

The Renault Master Cab/Chassis comes as a 3-seater Single Cab or a 7-seater Dual Cab, complete with heaps of indoor storage, including space for an Esky under the seats to keep your drinks cold for the end of the day. There’s even an optional driver’s suspension seat available.

The rear-wheel drive Cab/Chassis range has dual wheels, while the Dual Cab features an Eaton differential lock for positive traction on the slipperiest surfaces any Tradie is likely to encounter, from a building site to a boat ramp. Who needs a 4WD with its extra weight, additional thirst and higher price?

The diff lock is optionally offered on the Single Cab, which comes standard or long wheelbase.

The Single Cab has a 2,525kg payload in 3,600mm standard wheelbase and 2,495kg in the 4,300mm long wheelbase. For the 4,300mm wheelbase Dual Cab, the payload is 2,277kg. All models have a 4,500kg GVM so they can even be driven by the apprentice on a regular licence.

Renault dealers offer an alloy or steel tray, or you can add your own. An Australian standard tow-hitch is also available.

Service intervals can stretch as far as 30,000km depending on how and where you drive, and Renault’s Capped Price Servicing ($349 each) for the first 3 scheduled services (up to 90,000km or 3 years), mean you can forecast your running costs.

The Renault LCV warranty is up to 200,000 km or 3-years, and Renault’s Financial Services company can help you plot the payments, while Renault Insurance keeps you properly covered.

“We know Tradies work long hours and want reliability, durability and practicality,” says Lyndon Healey, Model Line Manager for Renault LCV.

“Renault has been the leading LCV supplier in Europe for the past 16 years because we have the right vehicles for your needs.

“Our low running costs and high reliability can save you time and money,” Lyndon says.

“We’re confident you won’t find a better tool for the job.”

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