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Makinex Hose 2 Go

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Dust Suppression 7 Days A Week. How to get the most out of your construction products?

Makinex’s Hose 2 Go is a constant pressure water supply unit ideal for the construction, flooring and concrete drilling and cutting Industry as a dust suppression and blade cooling tool and portable water supply.

Whether you’re a small, medium or large established business you want to ensure you are safe and efficient in your jobs. This will allow you to work quicker and easier and to look after your workforce.

Makinex want their customers to get as much out of their tools as possible, so they have found more than just work uses for the Hose 2 Go.

Monday To Friday

The Hose 2 Go has a constant flow of water that allows you to suppress and continuously absorb/extract the dust when cutting, core drilling and grinding concrete.

It’s different to every other product on the market because it provides a constant water flow without the use of a pump, battery or electronics.

Once the user has filled the unit from a tap it’s ready to go, giving the user up to 30 minutes of constant flowing water.

With rugged construction and 13.8 litre capacity the Hose 2 Go gives workers a reliable and easy-to-use dust suppression and blade cooling tool and portable water supply, which is easy to carry to and from the work site with two carrying positions.

The Hose 2 Go is easy and portable where ever you want to use it. This compact and reliable piece of kit should be a must for all construction and flooring workers needing to suppress dust and keep their blades cool whilst cutting when working. It also comes with a gun attachment for hosing down equipment at the end of the day.

Saturday And Sunday

We are in an age where we want more out of our tools, so have you thought about all the other uses for your Monday to Friday tools on the weekend?

We hear from our customers about the other ways they are using Makinex tools – it can be anything from watering the garden to cleaning their kayaks and bikes when they get dusty over the weekend.

The Hose 2 Go is so simple:

  • No pump which means greater reliability
  • No complicated electrics to breakdown
  • No battery to go flat and expensive replacements
  • No need to manually pump to get the water pressure you need
  • No need to drag hoses around the worksite, the
  • Hose 2 Go is portable and weighs under 20kg when full
  • Constant flowing water up to 9psi to keep your blades cool and prevent hard waring and costly blade replacement
  • Easily kept in the back of your ute for whenever you need it – cleaning the kids at the beach, washing down your dusty bike or watering the garden

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You can now purchase the Hose 2 Go and find out more at http://makinexhose2go.com.au. [/colored_box]

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