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Magnum Greater Strength, Softer Comfort

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What do you get when you cross the cushy comforts of innovative running shoe technology with the tough durability of military-grade uniform footwear? You get the very best work safety boots for tradies in the world. Magnum balances the ultimate blend of suppleness and strength.

To understand the Magnum story you need to go back to 1974 when Frank van Wezel founded Hi-Tec Sports in England and brought out his first shoe made for professional squash players. After initial success in the sports sneaker market, Hi-Tec began diversifying into hiking and all-terrain footwear which took off in America.

In the early eighties several emergency service personnel were wearing the popular Hi-Tec Sierra Lite Hiking Boot. There ended up being a direct request from the FBI training centre in Virginia USA for more lightweight, athletic and comfortable tactical footwear, so in 1982 Hi-Tec launched their first Magnum Boot to accommodate the demand. The Magnum branch of Hi-Tec began specialising in uniform footwear specifically for emergency services and military forces.

These are the toughest of the tough officers who work in the most treacherous and rugged conditions. Investing in more research and development, and backed by the ever-advancing athletic running shoe technology that Hi-Tec maintained, Magnum was able to make boots that were almost indestructibly durable on the outside, yet remained blissfully comfortable for the owners’ feet on the inside.

Not limiting themselves, to only cater for major defence force units, the brand also began creating footwear ranges for trade workers, contractors and everyday customers who wanted a sturdy yet comfortable boot.

By the turn of the century Magnum had grown so strong it was ready to stand alone as a brand and separated from its parent company Hi-Tec. Today Magnum is sold in over 100 countries worldwide. In Australia Denstock has always been the proud and exclusive distributor of both the Hi-Tec and Magnum brands.With offices in Sydney and a distribution warehouse in Melbourne, they supply hundreds of stores across the country.

“Magnum is one of top uniform boot suppliers in Australia and the world,” boasted Denstock National Brand Manager, Michael Doherty. “That comes with contracts such as the POLICE, AMBULANCE, FIRE, PRISONS AND OTHER EMERGENCY SERVICES THROUGHOUT AUSTRALIA.”

The general public can find Magnum workwear boots almost anywhere, from privately-owned PPE outlets through to your larger franchised retailers. Denstock’s large footprint supply Independent Work Safety stores (IWS). IWS are part of a large buying group, and included around 60 stores in Australia.

One reason Australians love Magnum boots so much is because they are tailored to our needs. Even though it is largely an international brand, Magnum are able to focus on localised demands and applications.

“In Australia we do our own R&D right here,” Michael clarified. Magnum Boots are designed in Australia by Australians to suit local conditions. We go back to the international Head Office and put our findings forward to let them know what requirements our boots need from appearance to performance here in Australia. We like our boots to be waterproof, where tradies can have a zip on the side and still have a breathable, waterproof membrane in there.”

Magnum’s number one selling work boot in Australia is the Precision Max, followed by the popular Sitemaster and the X-T Boron.

“People like our boots because they’re lightweight and 100 percent waterproof,” continued Michael. “We construct our Precision Max boot on an EVA midsole using running shoe technology; it’s very lightweight and soft. And then it has a 300-degree celsius traction rubber outsole designed for maximum grip. It’s a veganfriendly boot that is made from a Japanese micro-fibre upper called Clarino; it looks like leather but it is not. Clarion is three times stronger than leather, it’s lighter than leather and it stretches better than leather. We use Clarion for the Precision Max and the X-T Boron boot.”

Having worked for Denstock and managed the Magnum brand for over six years, Michael Doherty has his finger on the pulse and was able to let BCM For Tradies know about a couple of little inside scoops.

“We are working on a female version of the Precision Max,” he divulged. “We are finding that a lot more females want a safety work boot. We are also working on a non-safety, 100-percent waterproof and side-zip boot as well. We are finding that there are many independent tradies that cannot wear a safety toe because of foot issues, or comfortability, and because they work for themselves and it is not as regulated, they tend to wear whatever they want.”

Through constant innovation and a belief that “good enough is never enough,” Magnum continues to be a pioneer and push the boundaries in work boot performance. So for greater protection and all day comfort, get a pair of Magnum’s on your feet.

Supplied at big box safety stores such as RSEA and selected TWW and Hip Pocket and Independent Retailers.

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