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Light Up Tight Spots with The Ledlenser IW5E Flex

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A marvel of flexibility, the Ledlenser iW5R flex area light will illuminate even the narrowest spaces.

It boasts a slim fold-out lamp head that’s ideally suited for shining a wide-spread floodlight up to 600 lumens in hard-to-reach areas such as cable ducts, gaps and engine compartments. As well as the floodlight, the iW5R flex has a focused 100 lumens spotlight on the end of the fold-out head, so it can be used as a regular handheld torch when folded down.

In addition to its compact dimensions and flexible lamp-head, the iW5R flex also features various mounting options so you can keep both hands free to focus on your work. These include a metal hook for easy attachment to poles and rings, and a magnetic base for mounting the light to metal surfaces like underneath the bonnet of a car. The iW5R flex comes with a USB power cable and AC adapter for easy recharging and like most Ledlenser products has a 7 year warranty when you register your product online.

RRP: $159.95.

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