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Lenox Cutting Blades

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I knew LENOX had been providing quality blades for the building industry for a long time, but I had no idea their story went back as far as 1915 when they began developing hacksaw blades that would cut faster and last longer than the competition at that time.

So, it’s no surprise that today, some 103 years later, LENOX is still pushing forward with innovations with their range of cutting blades and discs

With a combination of new materials, manufacturing technologies and a steadfast vision to only supply blades that have proven themselves as top-shelf performers, LENOX doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to the quality of their products.

Metalmax Saw Blade

Keeping all of that in mind I did have pretty high expectations of how I hoped these blades would perform. On hand to put the blades through their paces, we had the new MetalMax Abrasive Blades designed for heavy duty metal work like cutting steel pipes, tubes, rebar and mesh with an angle grinder. This Diamond Blade cutting wheel has been designed to significantly maintain diameter retention, which means the diamond cutting edge doesn’t wear away maintaining the original wheel diameter. It’s also sporting a solid steel body, which substantially reduces the risk of breakage. No one wants to be ducking for cover when a disc explodes. There has also been a substantial reduction in airborne particles and odour compared to bonded abrasives.

The MetalMax Saw Blade is designed to cut through a number of metal materials including stainless steel, steel, cast iron, rebar, sheet metal, aluminium and non-ferrous materials. We used the125mm diameter blade, but there are a number of sizes and thickness to choose from to suit your task. When testing the MetalMax we cut through booker rod and 3mm aluminium and steel and the blade eased through all of the tasks. When inspecting the disc after our tests, it looked great with minimal if any signs of wear. The info on this product states that it is good for over 1000 cuts and will give you 30 x longer life when compared to thin bonded, abrasive cut-off wheels. We didn’t have the time to test this out but what we did experience was effortless cutting.

We enlisted Nathan Purl from NP Plumbing Services to put these discs through different experiences. Nathan was significantly impressed with the quality and cutting of these discs compared to the cutting wheels he normally used.

Lenox Hole Saw With T3 Technology

The next LENOX product Nathan tested was the LENOX hole saw range with T3 Technology. As a plumber, Nathan is regularly using hole saws to cut through studs, bottom plates and joists to run pipes. To start with the snapback arbor is a great design and the hole saw itself has thicker walls, which improves durability and minimises tooth loss. The larger and sharper teeth remove more wood for faster cutting and you can really feel this feature when cutting. There is also an easy plug remove slot that provides plenty of room to get your screwdriver in to eject the plug. Nathan found the hole saw to perform exceptionally well with great efficiency. It cut quickly without having to pile masses of pressure on the drill.

Demolition CT RECIP Blade

The last LENOX blade we had to put through its paces is a favourite of mine and most other trades, I’m sure. The Demolition CT (Carbide Tip) Recip Blade is a demolition beast and is perfect for cutting through studs, nogs, rafters or joists that are embedded with nails. The blades are a high-performance product and will bring you up to 10 x longer life than Bi-Metal Recip Blades. The carbides have been welded with the latest technology to increase durability and to prevent tooth loss. With a taller and longer blade profile compared to traditional blades, the Demolition CT will provide maximum durability in harsh demo applications.

The chippies out there will love this blade when it comes to the demo of old houses. Each tooth on the blade is precision ground on multiple surfaces to cut through nails with ease. With a 12”, 9” and 6” available you will have your entire range of demo situations covered. We found the blades just sunk through the nogs we cut out with no pressure on the recipro. Because we were on a commercial site we didn’t have access to any more heavy-duty applications and cutting fresh nogs out of a newly framed up wall didn’t offer any resistance to the blade. It went through like there weren’t even any nails in place – combine this with a 50 per cent longer life, and you have a standout performer.

The Wrap-Up!

Once you’ve used the LENOX cutting blades and experienced first-hand their cutting capabilities along with their longevity, you will see that all of the R&D and advanced manufacturing technologies have been well worth the effort. With continual focus on innovation and improvements, LENOX will continue to stay above the rest when it comes to cutting prowess.

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