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Rotary lasers for the New Millennium from the Swiss Technology Giant.

The compact lens-based laser level (as produced by many tool manufacturers today) was patented in the late 1990s (reference Wikipedia).

Since then, there has been little advancement in almost 30 years. Leica Geosystems, the Swiss technological giant in surveying, has reshaped the horizon when it comes to rotary lasers with the new Leica Rugby CLA (Construction Laser Allrounder).

Leica CLA lasers have a unique capability to be upgraded through software, giving customers maximum flexibility and the ability to quickly adjust to the job’s needs. No more buying a new laser just because you find you needed more features.

A simple laser can be upgraded to a dial in single/dual grade laser by paying for upgrades only.

The Leica Rugby CLA is a Class 2 laser that can self-level within ±6 degrees and has an accuracy of ±1.5mm at 30m. It has a massive 1.35km operating range making it one of most powerful lasers. All laser kits come standard with combo hybrid receiver/remote. The remote works up to 600m, while the 120mm receiver gives you digital read out of levels. Both laser and receiver are powered by a Li-ion battery, which lasts up to 50 hours on one charge.

Housing is fully water and dustproof (IP68) and shock resistant to U.S. Military standard of 810Gs. This makes them a near-indestructible technical masterpiece with 5 year warranty (including 2 year knockdown warranty).

Do not settle for second best. Nothing available in the market comes close to this product.

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