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Leica DISTO S910

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Words / Matt Page. Images / Jamie Gray

The Leica DISTO S910 is a very impressive little machine that will make you wonder how you ever worked without one… it’s seriously that good!

Whether you’re an architect, builder, roofer, chippy, landscaper or anyone that needs quick and accurate measurements (sometimes in hard-to-reach places), the DISTO S910 has you covered. Inside the hard ‘Pro’ case kit is the DISTO S910 along with the TRI170 tripod, tripod adapter and other accessories.

Setup is quick and easy – simply take the basic point and shoot distance measurer out of the pouch and ‘point and shoot’ the distance you want to measure, which is cool but definitely not what is most impressive. Attached to the underside of the DISTO S910 is a built-in smart base, which allows you to perform some pretty powerful functions. You no longer need two people standing on ladders (sometimes un-reachable anyway) to get a distance up high, reach an impossible angle on the pitch of your roof or get on the roof to measure up the area for materials. Even if you’re up to 300m away, simply flip out the base, place it on a flat surface and measure point to point (P2P) from the comfort of your smoko chair.

With Smart Angle you can shoot three points to measure any angle, including outside angles. When using Smart Area, shoot the corners of any polygon – either your complex roof shape, walls, floors or anything else you like. To increase the accuracy it is highly recommended to use the tripod with a simple level check, which will get the DISTO within +|-1deg of the true level.

Sometimes it’s a bit bright outside for the laser pointer but don’t worry, the DISTO S910 features a built-in viewfinder that shows where the laser is pointing clearly on the touch screen. Fine adjustments to the laser position can be made with the knobs on the tripod by millimetres.

The Leica DISTO S910 is packed with other features, including capture and exporting measurement data with Bluetooth or exporting over Wi-Fi.

The more I’ve been using the S910, the more I keep finding to measure with it. Life has become so easy!

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