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Measuring in 3 dimensions with a DISTO distance meter?! Wow.

Pioneers of laser distance meter technology Leica Geosystems have produced their best handheld unit yet. It is a revolution, something that so far has not existed.
The S910 is in any ways like a surveying Total Station. From any one setup it can provide you with 3 dimensional measurements!

This is achieved by the inclusion of both a digital inclinometer and a digital compass. Combined with considerable electronic smarts, this provides the ability to position any measureable point that you can see and compare it to any other measureable point. Measure two, ten or 30 points. They will all be allocated a 3 dimensional position in space.

This could be used for bill boards, roofing, railings, internal space, stair cases, shade cloth or hundreds of other jobs where points and angles need to be determined quickly and safely. No more ladders and tape measures! To achieve these results the smart base and a camera tripod are both provided and required – without these the S910 can be used as a normal Disto.

The DISTO S910 stores all the measured points into DXF file, as a floor plan, wall layout or as 3D data. This can be downloaded later in office to a PC via the USB interface OR it can be viewed in the field and transferred via WLAN – much is possible.

This revolutionary technology expands the possibilities for measurements with laser distance meter to a much wider view. No other distance meter offers as many functionality and possibility.

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