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Ledlenser’s New IF8R

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The perfect area light for any worksite Craftsmen, construction workers, mechanics and site inspectors know the problem: a poorly illuminated workplace can cause trouble, whether through the inability to see what you’re working on clearly, or on-site accidents which could easily have been avoided.

Ledlenser – world leaders in portable lighting – now offer a solution to this with their new Area Lights collection.

This versatile product range, consisting of two robust floodlights and four flexible work lights, masters a wide range of applications thanks to simple operation, high energy efficiency and flexible mounting options.

The Ledlenser iF8R is the power pack par excellence of the new range. This robust and easily portable floodlight is an absolute stunner, providing up to 4500 lumens of enormous luminosity. The luminous intensity can be reduced to 400 lumens in five stages, which is still very bright and has a lighting duration of 12 hours at this level. The iF8R also features a rechargeable battery, with a battery status indicator and charge indicator always letting you know how much light is left to get the job done.

The iF8R is not only powerful, but flexible too. The generous sized handle is equipped with built-in magnets, allowing you to mount the area light to metal surfaces such as steel girders or beams. Once fixed in place, the body of the iF8R can be rotated around almost 360º degrees, so you can direct the light exactly where it’s needed most.

Even with the iF8R suspended metres out of reach, control of the light is still possible thanks to its innovative Bluetooth connectivity. The iF8R can be controlled remotely with a smartphone via the “Ledlenser Pro Connect” app, and even with two mobile devices simultaneously. This handy app lets you turn the iF8R on/off and switch between the five available brightness levels, and up to four iF8R units can be selected simultaneously with the app.

Your smartphone running out of juice? No problem! With its Powerbank function, the iF8R can act as an emergency power source for charging mobile phones and other devices. The iF8R also has an IP54 water and dust protection rating, which means it can be operated without problems in humid and dusty environments, while the built-in cooling technology ensures long running times without overheating. Ledlenser products like the iF8R also boast an industry-leading seven-year warranty (with registration), so you can count on them to provide reliable operation for years.

Powerful light, tough construction, versatile mounting and innovative control make the iF8R the ideal area light for any work site.

RRP: $399.00.

[colored_box color=”yellow”]Available from ledlenser.com.au and leading industrial retailers.[/colored_box]

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