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Ledlenser Portable Area Lighting Products

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Ledlenser – world leaders in portable LED lighting products – have just launched a new range which revolutionises what we know of portable lighting.

The Ledlenser Area Light Collection marks a new era in portable lighting for any area, with each product hosting an extensive range of features that enable you to illuminate your work space, car or night time activities like never before. Although this range is particularly of interest to those in the DIY, trade, automotive, photography and mining sectors, the products truly offer something for everyone.

Here’s a closer look at the six models that make up the range:

iF Series

The iF4R and iF8R area lights deliver vibrant wide area lighting in robust, easy-to-transport frames. Both models deliver amazing brightness (up to 2500 lumen with the iF4R and up to 4500 lumen with the iF8R), with five fully adjustable brightness levels and an efficient cooling element that allows for long hours of continuous operation (iF4R – 15 hours; iF8R – 12 hours) without any fear of overheating. An adjustable base with built-in magnet and large, sturdy carry handle can be used to carry, prop or hang the iF4R and iF8R, then tilt them around to direct the light exactly where it’s needed.

The iF4R and iF8R are both powered by rechargeable batteries, helping your wallet and the environment all at once, with a handy power bank feature that allows you to charge mobile phones and other portable devices via a USB connection.

Both models also have an IP54 water resistance rating for protection against brief, light sprays of liquid.

Want smartphone integration? The iF8R has it! Perfect for turning on a suspended light source that’s out of reach, the iF8R features Bluetooth connectivity and smart app control to turn your smartphone into a remote control for your light.

iW Series

The iW4R, iW5R, iW5R flex and iW7R area lights are perfect for hands-free illumination in areas where space is limited such as engine bays, equipment sheds or crawlspaces. They provide three different lighting options including a focused spotlight with reflector lens in the lamp head, all operated by a multifunctional switch. Each model features a hook and built-in magnet to provide several mounting options, while a tilt mechanism allows flexible lamp orientation for optimal illumination.

The pocket-sized iW4R work lamp is perfect for limited space. Only slightly larger in size than a pen, this rechargeable light can still output up to a vibrant 150 lumen brightness. Thanks to the battery indicator, you’ll always be kept up to date with how much longer the battery will last, yet with four hours of useable light packed into its small design, there’s no need to worry about being left in the dark.

Sharing a similar design, the iW5R is the bigger brother to the iW4R. This rechargeable and durable metal-coated model comes with perks such as double the light ouput and a longer battery life. With a run time of up to six hours, this slim design light provides up to 300 lumen. Like most of the Area Light Collection, it too has an IP54 water resistance.

The iW5R flex is unique amongst its other brothers in the iW Series. It possesses an innovative folding LED lamp head, which can be used to illuminate the inside of tight crevices with up to 600 powerful lumen. The iW5R flex has a class IP30 water resistance, comes with a rechargeable battery and can last up to four hours of continuous use.

The iW7R brings a powerful, flexible light source to your hands with no need for cables. It has a luminous flux of up to 600 lumen and charges conveniently in a charging station, only taking four hours to reach full battery life.

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