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Ledlenser IW5R Flex Mini Floodlight

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When you need a little light shed on any subject, Ledlenser has a range for just about any scenario. We have tested the head torch in previous issues, which was a great product, so it was no surprise the iW5R flex held up well to our high expectations.

The iW5R flex mini floodlight ensures a clear, bright view and with the rear-mounted hook and magnet providing vast hands free options, this truly is a flexible and powerful mini floodlight.

The unit has been designed for working in tight areas such as cable shafts, engine bays, and under houses. The well-appointed magnet and hook means you can work without having to hold and position the light.

Having all that flexibility without the brightness to get the job done would defeat the purpose of this great little torch, so Ledlenser included 600 lumens to make sure you get the job done with plenty of light to see all the details required.

Test #1. Magnet And Hook Test

Having a magnet with enough strength was the main focus of this test and we are happy to report the magnet held the mini floodlight in the exact position we placed it in. There was no slipping or twisting of the unit. We placed the light on vertical poles, metal brackets and various parts both under the bonnet of the Crewman and on several engine parts, with absolutely no issues at any stage or position.


Test #2. Flexibility

The design of the light sees the LEDs fold-out on the arm like a folding blade. The LEDs sit in a folding, slim lamp head as well as on the very tip of the head as a focused spotlight. It’s handy to locate any screws you may have dropped into the engine bay when working on the car. The folding slim lamp head offered plenty of lighting scenarios for lighting tasks in tricky and cramped environments.

Test #3. Brightness

The on-off button links you through the two brightness settings and the focused spotlight settings. For its size, the 600 lumens was ample light and being such a small package this unit will fit in any backpack pocket, toolbox or glove box of the car.

In our testing we headed down into a local underground car park, which had an area of complete darkness with a switchboard, plumbing meter and space to park the car and get the bonnet up. We tried the iW5R flex mini floodlight in a range of tasks specific to each application– it more than did the job for our needs across all fronts, including the most critical area for me, brightness.

I would use this for work tasks where room was limited as well as weekend camping missions… night beach fishing also comes to mind.

The Wrap-Up

The iW5R flex is an active performer rated at IP30 and has a temperature range of -10 to +40. The rechargeable Li-ion battery has a capacity of 2600 mAh and a recharge time of 240 minutes. The inclusion of the charge/battery indicator was also an excellent addition.

Flexibility and power are going to be the standout features for most users.

For those already familiar with other Ledlenser products, you won’t be disappointed with the iW5R flex mini floodlight.

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