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Ledlenser iH11R

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Plumbers, electricians, carpenters, H-VAC, mechanics and even roof batt installers all use their head torch on a daily if not weekly basis. The iH11R from Ledlenser is a powerful and versatile head torch that sits comfortably on the head, helmet or hard hat. The range of professional uses is enormous, almost limitless.

The next time I go for a 5am outrigger training session, evening run around the lake, camping trip or even putting the boat in at the boat ramp pre-dawn – this head torch will have the other blokes asking where they can pick one up pretty quick.

Everyone’s first question when it comes to headlamps is: “How bright is it?” That’s because typically that is all a head torch does. The Ledlenser iH11R certainly does an outstanding job at this with a massive 1000lm in boost mode, but there is so much more going on with this headlamp that its epic brightness is just part of the impressive list of features.

To start with this baby is high tech, with Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone via the Ledlenser Connect app, which offers customisation, a timer and much more.

A step-less pivoting mechanism for aligning the light beam down and up makes it very easy to control the light direction. A cool feature called Optisense Technology automatically adjusts for various lighting conditions. A multicolour LED in red, green and blue next to main LED provides coloured light for specialised applications (e.g red for preserving night vision) and there are different helmet mounting options: rubber-coated head strap, adhesive mounting material, and overhead helmet mounting kit. Last but not least, the lamp head on the iH11R is easily detachable from the headband to use as a hand light, and with the included magnetic mount and adhesive metal pad you can attach the lamp head to other surfaces to shine onto your immediate work area from a distance.


  • Boost mode: up to 1000 lumen brightness
  • Bluetooth smartphone connection for personalised settings, timer etc.
  • Step-less pivoting mechanism for aligning the light beam down and even up
  • OptiSense Technology for automatic adjustment to lighting conditions
  • Multicolour LED in red, green and blue
  • Helmet mounting options: rubber-coated head strap, adhesive mounting material, overhead helmet mounting kit
  • Magnetic mount and adhesive metal pad

When the daylight dimmed and night kicked in it was time to test this baby out. The first task I had in mind was popping the hood of the car, checking my fluid levels and replacing a globe that had recently gone in the V8 beast. Next was an inspection of the fuse box and a crawl under the house. I thought about climbing into the roof space, but I had visions of myself either stuck in the maintenance hole or falling through the ceiling panels… I decided to stay on firm ground. Before taking on these various tasks I installed the Ledlenser Connect app on my phone to test the Bluetooth connectivity. Using the headlamp with the phone app was a breeze – all you do is switch the headlamp on, run the app and hit the Connect button. The app found the headlamp after a second or two and from there I was able to easily swap between various brightness levels, switch to the different colours of the R/G/B LED and activate the Optisense mode.

I can say that being able to control the light brightness from my phone without having to reach up and switch it using the headlamp button made for a refreshing change. it using the headlamp button made for a refreshing change. After having a quick read beforehand I found out there is a good range of settings for various conditions, including: high light output, medium light output and low light output. The low setting provided perfect output for non-glare reading and working situations, and not blinding the lads when camping on surf trips after dark around the fire (also providing the most extended battery duration).

There is also blink mode, boost mode (short duration maximum output), SOS mode (emits the SOS in signal in Morse code) and strobe mode (flashes of light with a confusing blinding effect for amongst other things, self-defence).


  • Max lumens 1000lm
  • Focus function Yes
  • Battery type Rechargeable Li-ion
  • Battery 18650 3.7V
  • Charging time 420 minutes
  • Warranty
  • 5 years (7 with registration)

It’s a pretty straightforward headlamp to use with a front switch, which can be turned, pressed or both to activate and use. The rotation of the front lens will either sharply focus the light or diffuse it depending on your task. A low battery warning indicator gives you plenty of notice when it’s time to recharge the provided powerful rechargeable battery, as well as indicating its level of charge. Since the iH11R is rechargeable, you’ll not only save yourself a packet of dollars over the lifespan of the headlamp, but you’ll also help the environment because it requires up to 500 times more electricity to produce than they release themselves. Combined with the energy consumption, transport and storage, the CO2 emissions for disposable batteries are massive.

If you’re a tradie or outdoor enthusiast who requires a head torch you simply won’t find a better built, more comfortable and feature-packed unit than the Ledlenser iH11R.

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