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Ledlenser iH11R Headlamp

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Ledlenser’s new iH11R headlamp puts control of the light in the palm of your hand.

With innovative connectivity, powerful brightness, outstanding technology, and flexible wearability, the new iH11R headlamp is perfect for hands-free illumination on industrial worksites.

The rechargeable flagship of Ledlenser’s industrial headlamp range, the iH11R provides innovative control of the light through the use of Bluetooth connectivity and the Ledlenser Connect smartphone app, allowing the user to adjust light settings to their needs without having to touch the headlamp. Through the app, the user can remotely control various functions of the headlamp including brightness levels and lighting modes, with the ability to also define personalised settings.

The iH11R is also extremely flexible when it comes to wearing options. A rubber-coated head strap provides secure attachment to a helmet for traditional wear, however, the iH11R also comes with an overhead helmet mounting kit, a strapless magnetic mount, and an adhesive mount.

Remote light control and flexible wear aren’t the only benefits of the iH11R – it also boasts a large number of other outstanding features. A powerful brightness of up to 1000 lumens with a beam distance up to 320m provides vibrant lighting for any workplace activity, while in low power mode the iH11R can run for up to 100 hours. The patented Advanced Focus System allows a seamless transition between a wide-area, short distance floodlight, and a narrow, long-distance spotlight, so you can always have the right illumination area for the situation.

With the Optisense Technology feature, the iH11R will automatically adapt to the present light conditions, boosting or dimming the luminosity based on the reflecting surrounding light to avoid annoying glare effects. An RGB front light on the iH11R provides coloured light options for specialised functions (for example, preserving night vision).

Other performance-enhancing features of the iH11R include a step-less pivoting mechanism for aligning the light beam down or up, a magnetic charging cable, a battery status indicator to let you know when it’s time to recharge and a powerful heat sink for high energy efficiency.

[colored_box color=”yellow”]For more information on the iH11R industrial headlamp, visit www.ledlenser.com.au[/colored_box]

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