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Laser Level Selection Made Easy

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Laser levels for the construction industry have taken a quantum leap in the last decade and it is now almost mandatory for tradesmen in all construction trades to have a laser level or even a selection of laser levels to do the job efficiently and accurately.

With so many types and brands available the question gets asked repeatedly: which level do I need for the task?

Imex has developed the unique Little Green Book, an easy-to-follow laser guide that is set to become an industry leader. By asking a maximum of four questions relating to the trade and the tasks, the tradesman is connected with the exact Imex laser required for their industry, task and circumstance.

This gives peace of mind to the tool and hardware store seller and the tradesman that the laser selected is the very optimum for their needs, which takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of laser level purchasing, minimising the risk of buying the wrong equipment and having a laser that is unsuitable for the job.

Originally released for tool and hardware store floor staff to assist tradesmen, it has now been released in free App form so both buyer and seller have access to it, further eliminating the guesswork from the purchase process.

With a full range of line and dot lasers, rotary lasers, pipe lasers, laser distance measurers, machine control receivers and ancillary measuring tools, the Imex range is the most comprehensive on the market.

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