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Kango MXM Fasteners

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When you’re onsite and pushing hard to get the job done, nothing is more annoying than snapping or burring bits and fasteners.

This problem can slow things down to a painful stop when having to look for replacements when you should be pushing forward. With this in mind, the crew at Kango have put their R&D team on the case and come up with their new MXM Fasteners, which they claim provide up to 50X lifetime over leading trade brands.

I have had the opportunity to use both the Kango Four and Two Cut SDS Masonry Bits, which exceeded my expectations significantly, so I was very keen to see what these new bad boys had to offer.

First of all, these fasteners have what’s called a Torsion Zone, which is excellent at absorbing extreme torque peaks reducing stress and cam outs during heavy loading use. This ability to absorb the load rather than snapping is a significant step forward.


Kango has come up with a multi-stage production process, including a 4-stage heat treatment process that provides the perfect balance of hardness, flexibility and magnetism. Along with this innovative production process, the unique tip design ensures an optimum fit and maximum screw hold.


  • The impressive range covers pretty much every application and includes:
  • MXM Nut Setters (used for fastening hex bolts, nuts and screws)
  • MXM Socket Adaptors (used to adapt sockets for use with drills and impact drivers)
  • MXM Extension Bars (used to provide added length when using a drill or impact driver)
  • MXM Wrench Adaptors (used to convert wrenches for use with 1/4”, 3/8’ and 1/2” hex shank bits)
  • Vast range of MXM Screw Driving Bits including the most popular bit types such as PH2, SQ2, HEX5, T25 & T10
  • MXM Hex Ball End Fasteners (offers a 25 degree working angle)
  • MXM Magnetic Bit Holder (provides a faster change of bits for higher productivity, ideal for 25mm bits)

In our tests, we used various fasteners into a mix of material, including Pine, LVL and Hardwood. We didn’t experience a single slip, cam out or breakage across the range. We didn’t get a chance to fix into steel, but in the timber tests we did the range had a 100 per cent success rate.

The magnetic pickup ability was great, and it really does look like the multi-stage production process has done a great job delivering the perfect mix of hardness, flexibility and magnetism.

After inspecting the tips of the fasteners after use, there were no signs of wear. As a carpenter, one of the most heavily used items is the bugle bit. This fastener was a standout. Its simplicity is only matched by its requirement for strength and driving power. The sizing was perfect, and with the ever-growing power of impact drivers and drills, it has all the strength to match even the toughest of drivers into the hardest materials.


All in all, I am yet again thoroughly impressed by Kango and the MXM range. The attention to sizing and innovative 4-stage heat treatment of bits is exceptional. This range has delivered across a variety of new features. We didn’t have the resources to check the claim of up to 50X more life over leading trade brands, but I can say that from the testing we did the range lives up to its name, providing MXM (maximum) strength. I am more than confident to recommend these fasteners for when you are in the hardware store for your next project. They will not disappoint.

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