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Kango BIG SHOT Carbide Teeth Hole Saws

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“BIG SHOT” – even the name sounds tough. Kango has released the new Big Shot Carbide Teeth Hole Saws and they are punching out holes!

The extreme carbide teeth size is said to give 50 x life compared to standard bi-metal and multi construction hole saws, which means a lot more cash in your pockets at the end of the year. It happens, you buy a tonne of hole saws over the year only for your workers to not treat them right, hit a heap of nails or cut the wrong materials damaging the teeth. If that all sounds familiar, Kango will have your back as the Big Shot provides extreme life in nail-embedded wood, which means they are jobsite tough and apprentice proof.

Setting up the Kango Big Shot is a breeze with the quick-change arbor that locks in the hole saw nice and tight and allows you to switch between hole saws very easily. One thing you will notice is the large rapid removal slot, which made plug removal easy and fast. This will save you a tonne of time over the day let alone the length of a project. There’s nothing worse than cutting out your hole and struggling to get the plug out – and a double whammy if the arbor is crap and you can’t take the hole saw off to try and remove it that way. With the Kango quick change arbor and rapid removal slot, you’ll be carving into your next holes in seconds, not minutes! And to add one further experience from our testing, when using the hole saw on the Spotted Gum decking and nail embedding timber the plugs popped out on their own. I didn’t need a single tool to remove the plug. It was the first time I’ve ever had that experience, and I’ve got to say I was impressed.

Even Nail Embedded Timber Couldn’t Take The Edge Away From The Hole Saws

As well as testing for the photography and review, we’ve tested the Kango Big Shot onsite for the past few months into different materials including softwoods, hardwoods, gyprock, cement boards, and gave it a good hit on the test bench with a bunch of nail embedded timber, which the Big Shot chomped their way through with ease.

We mainly used the 92mm for cutting out downlights into eve sheets and cement boards. I personally really enjoyed using the smaller 54mm for cutting out deck lights into hardwood decking. The cuts were effortless providing beautiful smooth finishes and the chip ejection kept the debris away from the teeth nicely.

Gone are the days of the hole saw permanently locking onto the arbor after being put on too tight.

Sizes From 35MM Up To 102MM

The Kango Big Shot Carbide Teeth Hole Saws are available at Bunnings Warehouse and come in a range of sizes from 35mm up to 102mm. I would seriously consider trying them out next time you’re in the aisle about to buy a new hole saw – you may not need to stand in that aisle again for a while! The Big Shot is solid with a thicker cup that has unrivalled strength, and teamed up with those carbide teeth, you will have these for a very long time.

Excellent work, Kango. Trade tough approved!

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