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It’s Time To Drive Safety Across Your Business

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Driver safety is an ongoing challenge for Australian road users and unfortunately, often a neglected cause by drivers.

Due to this neglect, road crashes continue to be a grievous concern for the country, claiming 48,592 lives on Australian roads over the past decade. Moreover, 15 per cent of all road crash fatalities and 4 per cent of all road crash injuries involve heavy trucks.

This demands attention from not just the drivers but also fleet owners, since the responsibility of safety on roads doesn’t sit solely with the driver. The Work Health and Safety Act makes it clear that businesses must proactively manage the safety of each driver, whether they’re on site or out on the road.

Fleet managers can do their part to help reduce the number of fatalities on our road. Here are three things fleet managers can monitor to help promote safer driving.


  1. Driver Behaviour: Near real-time access to data through fleet tracking software enables fleet managers to monitor how individual drivers are manoeuvring vehicles on the road, take quick action and target repeat offenders to curb unsafe driving habits, before they lead to more serious incidents. The innovative GPS fleet management software by Verizon Connect provides an advanced and seamless monitoring solution for fleet managers with a full 360-degree view of their fleet’s daily operations to enable them better control of safety measures for their drivers, by influencing their long-term behaviours.
  2. Driver Location: Driving involves a level of risk, especially at the wheel of a heavy vehicle. It’s hard for fleet managers back at base to fully know what’s happening out in the field. With a vehicle tracking solution like Verizon Connect Reveal, a driver can alert head office of their precise location in the event of an emergency and is able to receive speedy assistance during such critical times.
  3. Vehicle Maintenance: Failing to carry out timely maintenance can result in vehicle breakdowns, putting the driver at increased risk of incident. A vehicle tracking system like Verizon Connect REVEAL, uses data on time, engine use and mileage to provide scheduling alerts. This helps fleet managers stay on top of preventative maintenance and helps reduce the risk of vehicle faults.

Verizon Connects also empowers drivers to manage their own performance with a personalised leaderboard app that allows drivers to review their driving every day and keep score of their driving habits such as excessive speeding, hard braking and harsh acceleration.

Now is the time to help ensure businesses are tracking their way to safer fleet driving behaviour. A sharpened focus on safe driving behaviour will not only help benefit the wellbeing of drivers, it will likely have a ripple effect towards improving the bottom line by helping reduce the risk of incident and speeding fines.

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