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IRWIN Introduces New STRAIT-LINE Chalk & Reel Range

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IRWIN Tools has announced new advancements to its STRAIT-LINE Chalk & Reel offering to the Australian market.


These innovations include larger chalk reel openings for increased access and visibility, improved line strength resulting in fewer breaks, and enhanced usability and ergonomics.

IRWIN is also introducing two new chalk reels to their range, the LayoutPro and LayoutPro XL, as part of an expanded large capacity chalk reel offering. Also included in the IRWIN range are the MACH6, Speedline PRO, Speedline and Classic reels.

The MACH6 and the Speedline PRO chalk reels now feature a new Easy Fill & Lock Top™ innovation with a 1/4 turn locking top. This feature provides a wide opening for convenience when filling the reel or accessing internals and locks securely to prevent spills. The wide opening gives added visibility into the reels, reducing user frustration by providing faster line priming while minimising overfilling – a primary cause of reel jams.

The MACH6 also has an open access back panel for quick line changes and cleaning. Both reels feature hi-tensile lines that are 2.5X stronger than traditional lines for fewer breaks, a robust steel handle and large centre clutch for increased durability and torque, as well as a wide prong hook to provide secure anchoring.

The aluminium bodied MACH6 has a 6:1 gear ratio, making it 6X faster than traditional chalk reels and is powered by a heavy-duty metal drive gear. The Speedline PRO has lightweight ABS housing with a metal faceplate that protects a 3:1 gear ratio, making it 3X faster than traditional chalk reels when winding.

The Speedline and Classic reels also feature wide door opening with a 70 per cent larger door than the previous IRWIN models. Both reels provide 30m of abrasion-resistant polyester line that delivers up to six strikes per pull. The Speedline reel is 3X faster than traditional chalk reels and housed in lightweight ABS, while the Classic is a durable jobsite option with tough aluminium housing for impact resistance.

Manufactured for laying out long lines on larger sites, the new LayoutPro and LayoutPro XL chalk reels feature large sliding chalk fill doors and a durable ABS base design optimised for improved chalk fill. The Layout PRO has 283g chalk capacity and 30m of line, and the larger LayoutPro XL, has a 567g capacity for fewer refills and 45m of line. Both reels have 2:1 gear ratios and rewind line 2X faster than traditional chalk reels, as well as a soft-touch and ergonomic grip for comfort and control when snapping lines.

The STRAIT-LINE Chalk & Reel range is now available at leading retailers in Australia.




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