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Best Precision Engineered Helical Bars, Wall Ties and Fixings

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Thor Helical supply a wide range of remedial wall ties to replace existing ties that have either corroded or may be missing altogether; they are also used for pinning.

Thor’s standard 9mm diameter wall tie range is available in lengths from 150mm, 180mm, 205mm, 230mm, 255mm, 280mm and 305mm to cover a variety of wall cavity widths.


Thor Helical 9mm and 12mm diameter long series ties are suitable for wide cavities and used as dry mechanical anchors giving a superior hold without the need for grout, resins or epoxies.

A much smaller pilot is required for dry mechanical anchors so this also reduces labour and materials costs significantly. We also have a variety of SDS Plus drill bits to cover the longer series wall tie range. Thor SDS drive tools are safe, reliable, easy to use and low cost.

Thor long series 9mm diameter ties are available in lengths from 350mm, 400mm, 450mm and 500mm, ideal for wide wall cavities, tying solid façade walls, pin down coping stones to parapet walls and pinning masonry arches and lintels.

Thor 12mm diameter wall anchors are available in lengths from 610mm, 760mm, 910mm, 1060mm, 1220mm and 1370mm for applications including deep bed masonry reinforcement with stone, block and brick, pinning masonry arches, tying rubble filled walls, securing facades to party walls or parapet applications.

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