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Imex – The Legend Grows…

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The Imex laser level and measuring equipment brand has been acquired by Position Partners, the Australian Topcon agent, and with this promises global growth and Imex continues to be the benchmark on Aussie worksites. The Australian owned company is the leader in laser and positioning technology and the products are renowned performers in harsh conditions with high accuracy and efficiency.

Imex lasers and measuring equipment are now available in all leading tool and hardware stores, they have long warranties, excellent serviceability and comprise of a wide range of products for every construction trade.

There is a laser level model for every tradie from line and dot lasers, through to fully auto rotary grade lasers and measuring tools such as digital levels, spirit levels, laser measurers, measuring wheels and a full range of tape measures.

The unique Imex green laser tools are a standout on any worksite and almost all laser levels come with a choice of red beam or green beam.

Since their release in early 2018, the five model Imex iSeries rotary laser level range has propelled Imex rotary lasers to the next level in popularity with the distinctive green lasers seen on jobsites all over the country. With lithium batteries and mm reading detectors this range has more standard features than any other rotary laser brand available.

During 2020, Imex added a spare 9Ah lithium battery to the kit which gives unprecedented run time and back-up when using on remote sites. As well as this is a revised battery clip, for easier battery changeover and an extra heavy-duty lighthouse cover for even more robust shock protection.

This range has five year warranty, standard calibration certificate; mm reading double sided German made detectors, remote control unit on grade slope models and hard carry cases.

One critical aspect of accurate laser level operation is regular calibration and service, especially for tradies who rely on them for everyday use. Imex has a full calibration service and now has fully equipped service centres in every state. A pick-up and delivery service is also available and drop off and pick-up from your local Imex dealer simplifies the process.

All calibrations are backed up with a Calibration Certificate issued standard with every service.

For more info www.imexlasers.com.au or 1800 669 110

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