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IMEX Rotary Laser 10-Year Anniversary

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Since Imex introduced their first rotary laser to the Australian market.

The original 88R was first released in September 2008 and since then Imex rotary lasers have become innovative industry leaders used extensively throughout Australia with excellent efficiency and results. Thousands of Imex rotary lasers are in use every day in the harshest of Australian conditions and are also in use in the UK, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, France and Argentina.

Earlier this year Imex released their newest generation version after extensive design and testing locally. The new 5 model line-up comes with lithium batteries, USB charging and standard millimetre reading detectors. They are all a first in the Australian market and continue to carry forward the reputation of the utilisation of latest technology for greater efficiency, accuracy and productivity that the Imex brand is becoming synonymous for.

All of the range comes with a 5 year warranty, full calibration certificate, first calibration free and they are available at all leading tool and hardware stores in the country.

As well as this, Imex have a comprehensive range of line and dot lasers for every task and receivers and laser accessories for every trade. These are all user friendly and come in the distinctive green Imex colour.

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