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Home Builder And Building Bonus Stimulus Schemes

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HIA has welcomed WA Ben Wyatt’s sensible approach to fine-tuning WA’s administration of the HomeBuilder and Building Bonus housing stimulus schemes.

“Today’s changes are sensible and will protect jobs and worker safety while ensuring the maximum number of consumers are able to secure the grants,” Ms Hart said.

“The objectives of these schemes are to protect and create jobs so we’re pleased the government has worked with industry on these changes so we can all achieve this goal.”

Ms Hart said there was a huge surge in consumer interest after the schemes were announced in early June, with visits to display homes jumped by more than 100 per cent and enquiries about building rose more than 70 per cent.

“This interest converted into the highest level of sales seen in years, with HIA New Home Sales figures for WA showing an extraordinary 211 per cent increase in sales from May to June,” Ms Hart said.

“This means that construction activity over the coming 6-12 months will be in line with, or higher than pre-COVID levels.

“However, given that activity in WA’s residential building sector has been so depressed for the past five years, this surge meant industry has had to quickly scale up capacity from historic lows to historic highs.

“The key pinch points have been around availability of particular trades including plumbers and concreters who are needed to lay slabs, as well as titled land-prior to the announcements, both had fallen to some of the lowest points seen in a decade.

“As such, HIA sought changes to some aspects of the scheme so that industry can scale up capacity in a way that is safe and sustainable for workers and businesses across WA’s residential building supply chain.

The WA State Government have delivered a well-considered approach for consumers and industry alike, by expanding the commencement definition and land ownership criteria.

The WA Government’s $20,000 Building Bonus and the Commonwealth Government’s $25,000 HomeBuilder scheme is administered through Revenue WA, with a joint application form.

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