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Getting the Most Out of Your Daily Grind

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One of the most often-used power tools in any tradie’s arsenal is the angle grinder.

That’s because of its versatility – namely, its ability to handle so many different tasks – everything from cutting concrete, bricks, cement sheeting, ceramic tiles, metal, and plastic, through to grinding and sanding a stack of different materials.

Even though angle grinders haven’t changed much in appearance over the years, their capabilities have. For instance, recent advances in cordless power tool motor and battery technology make the new range of angle grinders even more productive in tradies’ hands.

For instance, the AEG 18V 125mm FUSION Paddle Switch Angle Grinder’s brushless motor not only increases the level of the tool’s performance, when paired with an AEG FORCE battery it also greatly enhances the grinder’s run time – in some applications, up to 40% longer. This means you can tackle tougher jobs without having to upgrade to a bigger tool.

Even with this additional power, safety hasn’t been compromised by incorporating an ergonomic dead-man paddle switch, an electronic blade brake and an anti-kickback shutdown mode as standard features on this model.

A 3-position anti-vibration side handle increases user comfort and reduces fatigue as well as improving control while cutting and grinding.

The tool-free blade change increases productivity – no more searching for a spanner.

A common cause of grinder failure is the infiltration of dust into the motor and sensitive electronics. This grinder has a removable (for cleaning) micron mesh filtration cap along with coated and sealed electronics that create a 2-stage protection system against harmful dust.

When It’s Time To Get Serious

If you really need to ‘pull the driver out of the bag’, it’s hard to go past the AEG Dual 18V Brushless 230mm Angle Grinder. It’s the ‘big brother’ of most other grinders, with the powerful performance provided by its 18V Brushless DC motor that can be boosted by 50% by the addition of a second FORCE battery.

That’s right. Not only can run time be improved by adding another battery, the actual power output from the brushless motor is also boosted.

Although it runs effectively on one battery, its dual battery design allows you to take on the biggest job. AEG calls it a ‘Weapon of Mass Construction’. Once you witness it in action, you’ll understand where the name comes from.

Even though this tool is tough enough to conquer just about any cutting or grinding job you can throw at it, you’ll remain in full control due to its anti-vibration handles, especially the rotating rear handle.

Safety is also maintained with the electronic blade brake kicking in and stopping an 8mm wheel in under 6 seconds.

AEG’s range of angle grinders includes AC versions of the 125mm and 230mm models, while the cordless models come in kits (batteries and chargers) or just the skins if you’re already on the AEG battery platform.

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