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Get the job done like a boss with Ramset™ FrameBoss™ XP and XPM

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Established in Australia over 60 years ago, Ramset™ has built a strong and enviable reputation for developing, manufacturing and supplying the building and construction industry with leading edge drilling, anchoring and fixing solutions.

With a focus on increasing onsite productivity with high safety standards, Ramset™ designed the FrameBoss™ XP and XPM powder actuated tools to address a need for high-powered and efficient fixing to concrete.

Developed in Australia for the Australian market, the Ramset™ FrameBoss™ XP and XPM are ergonomically designed, fully automatic tools, reducing strain and fatigue for the operator while increasing efficiency. As the most powerful tool on the market, its 400 joules of maximum impact energy are adjustable according to application requirements.

Equipped with a 10 pin magazine, the Ramset™ FrameBoss™ XPM can fix 10 collated pins of up to 75mm without the need to reload or cycle the tool. The automatic piston return system allows for faster fixing rates with less effort. The magazine can be adjusted and locked into a number of positions making the FrameBoss™ XPM ideal for use in awkward or confined spaces.

The FrameBoss™ XP variant of the tool is configured with a single shot fastener guide, enabling the tool to be used with shorter and longer pins from 25mm to 100mm, and assemblies such as brackets and clips. Included with every FrameBoss™ XP is an added safety feature; the specially designed spall shield that can be fitted to the nose of the tool, to protect the operator from any flying debris.

Fortified with a fully adjustable 400 joules of power, hand guard and cushioned rubber grip, the FrameBoss™ XP and XPM are perfect for a wide range of applications including fixing timber framing to concrete or steel, steel track to concrete or steel and sacrificial formwork.

You can work fast and work smart with the Ramset™ FrameBoss™ XP and XPM onsite.

There are three power load selections available: weak (green), medium (yellow) and strong (red). To find the most appropriate power load for the job, use the weakest power load and set the power adjustment to the minimum setting. Gradually increase power and load strength as required to obtain a suitable fixing.

Before operating the Ramset™ FrameBoss™ XP and XPM, it is strongly recommended that all users read and understand the instruction booklet and are competent in the usage of PA tools.

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