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GDS 18v-1050 H Professional Cordless Impact Wrench

by editor

Bosch has upped the ante in structural steel construction, metal assembly, pipe fitting, truck maintenance and heavy-duty duty wood construction with their new GDS 18V-1050 H Professional Cordless High Torque Impact Wrench.

Bosch is bringing full cordless power at its best with Bi-TURBO technology, consisting of a high-performance Bosch brushless motor and 18V ProCORE battery system, combining to produce tightening torque of 1050 Nm and breakaway torque of up to 1700 Nm. All that power is controlled via the 3-speed/torque setting on the control panel.

Before we get stuck into testing this beast, a few other excellent features include inbuilt technologies like ECP (Electronic Cell Protection), which protects the ProCORE battery cells against overload/overheating and deep discharge. Simultaneously, EMP (Electronic Drill Motor Protection) protects tools designed for heavy workloads from overheating and overloading. The two combined ensure both tool and batteries will stand up to the most challenging work demands. Other features include a tool status indicator, LED light, a ¾” tool holder with friction ring plus through-hole, and a ladder clip.

Now that we have covered the features, it is time to get stuck into some serious testing for a serious tool. To do this, we headed out to Smeaton Grange to visit our good mates out at STM (Sydney Trucks and Machinery). If you are not familiar with STM, they sell FUSO, IVECO and international trucks and earthmoving equipment brands like Kobelco, Merlo, ASV & D’avino. But it is their servicing side of the business we are most interested in as they have a workshop the size of a football field with dozens of mechanics working on an extensive range of trucks and heavy machinery. It was the perfect choice to test out the tightening and breakaway forces of this 18V High Torque Impact Wrench. STM was more than happy to let us steal away mechanic Sammy and Service Manager Adam to put the GDS 18V-1050 H Professional Cordless Impact Wrench through its paces and return to us on its performance across a range of tightening and loosening tasks.

After the boys in the workshop gave the Bosch a full inspection, looking at the weight (3.1kg without battery) and getting a feel for the grip and ergonomics, Sammy said he knew the perfect test to see what muscle the Bosch had on board. He led us outside to a well-loved and used 20 tonne Kobelco excavator sitting outside the workshop. Its steel track plates looked like they had never been unbolted in its busy life. They were rusty, and I was a little worried the Bosch wasn’t going to be up for the challenge. I decided to put on the 12Ah battery I had with me to give it optimum power, and slowly but surely, after looking like it might not have the muscle, the Bosch slowly worked the solid bolt free. It was an impressive test, but the Bosch came through. Next, we moved onto a brand-new Grapple attachment, whose bolts had been not only securely tightened, but loc-tite had been added to secure the nut and bolt just two days prior. This was an easier task for the Bosch breaking it free in seconds. Lastly, we moved onto two trucks, one of which was a massive Volvo. The mechanic informed me that this truck had the largest and most challenging wheel nuts to remove on any truck theyhad worked on. Unfortunately, the Bosch did meet its match with this wheel nut, but as we moved onto another two trucks and a wheeled loader, the Bosch smashed all three remaining tests providing an impressive test result.

Given the brute power that this tool and battery combination (weighing 4.4kg with 12Ah Battery), the overall feel and ergonomics are excellent. With this much power, you need a solid and secure grip, and the design of the handle/trigger/balance is outstanding. The three-torque setting control panel is simple and easy to use.
• Setting 1 providing 350 Nm of torque.
• Setting 2 providing 750 Nm of Torque.
• Setting 3 providing 1050 Nm of tightening Torque.

A flick of the gear into reverse provides 1700Nm of breakaway torque. For our testing, we used setting three to see what these big 30mm+ sockets could do on this 3/4” High Torque Impact Wrench.

A few of the boys were keen to pull out their competitor brand 18V ¾” High Torque Impact Wrenches (which were considerably more expensive), and the Bosch went blow for blow in several exchanges to the surprise of the mechanics watching in. Workshops don’t get much heavier in application challenges than at Sydney Trucks and Machinery. So, the fact that the Bosch GDS 18V-1050 H Professional Cordless Impact Wrench was successful in all tests bar one is a great result and indication of the power and torque of this beast of a ¾ Impact Wrench.

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