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Gasfitters Should Always Check The Manufacturers’ Installation Instructions

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The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) and Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) remind gasfitters to thoroughly read the manufacturers’ installation instructions prior to installing gas appliances.

Failure to do so could leave an installation potentially hazardous or non-compliant, and may result in costly rectification works. ESV inspectors are identifying increasing numbers of gas cooktop installations with inadequate clearances between the gas cooktop and combustible surfaces. These clearances can be overhead cupboards or adjacent splashbacks. Commonly, rangehood clearances are another area of non-compliance. Manufacturers’ installation instructions for both gas appliance and rangehood clearances must be established, with the greater clearance achieved.

The VBA and ESV remind gasfitters to install gas cooking appliances with a minimum height clearance of 600mm, unless a greater minimum clearance is specified in the manufacturers’ installation instructions (refer to AS/NZS 5601.1 for more information).

Key Points To Remember:

  • When gas cooking appliances are certified, the clearances specified in the manufacturers’ instructions are tested to ensure that any adjacent (or overhead) surfaces do not exceed 65°C above ambient temperature
  • Manufacturers’ installation instructions for several Type A domestic gas cooking appliances may require a horizontal clearance of more than 200mm from the nearest edge of a burner to a combustible surface
  • Gasfitters should read the manufacturers’ instructions to establish the clearances required between gas cooktops and rangehoods (if no clearances are specified, refer to Clause (a) of AS/NZS 5601.1). The clearance used must be the larger of the two clearances specified by either the rangehood manufacturer or gas cooktop manufactures
  • When installing a gas appliance in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, the clearance measurements must be taken from the component specified in the instructions (for example, the trivet, burner or hob)
  • Some manufacturers specify additional ventilation requirements for their gas appliances, exceeding the requirements of AS/NZS 5601.1, Clause 6.4

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