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Full Boar 40 Litre Wet And Dry Vacuum – L Class

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Installing sheeting, setting and sanding ‘well’ is one of those black arts in the tradie world. A little bit like welding everyone likes to think they can do it, until they have a crack, then stand back and look at their finished work and realise they should have called someone like Steve Hinton, who was the 2018 NSW and National ‘Plasterer of the Year’ recipient. So, when the team at Full Boar sent in their 40 litre L Class wet and dry vac for use with the drywall pole sander, I went straight to the main man himself and let Steve put it through its paces.

As Steve was setting up the unit I was quizzing him on what the differences were between a quality L Class wet and dry vac with a drywall sanding kit and a more bottom-of-the-run type product. Steve answered: “The amount of suction, length of the hose, the sanding kit’s weight, ergonomics and ability for its suction to be strong enough to hold its weight on the wall. Not having dust spewing out of the vac unit itself was also up there on the list.” The good news was that Full Boar’s L Class vac’s HEPA Filter can catch up to 99.95% dust!

Steve was working in Caringbah on a relatively small job (by his standards) when I dropped in with the vac and within minutes he had the Full Boar vac and sanding kit set up and ready to go. I found myself a decent position in the room to document the sanding process, and with that, Steve fired up the machine. He had set it on auto so the vac would only run when the trigger of the sanding kit was pressed. After about 30 seconds I realised how mundane my images were going to be. Typically, when photographing tools you want sparks and plumes of dust or smoke to add drama and impact, but there was none of that, which was an excellent result for the product, but kind of dull in terms of photography. After about 3-5 minutes of sanding, Steve released the trigger and turned around saying: “Yep, I would buy the vac and sander… no problems at all. I really like them both. It sanded well and the sander itself isn’t heavy, which would seriously drain your arms, shoulder and back by the end of the day.” He continued, “The vacuum’s level of suction is considerable with its 1200W motor.”

$249 Full Boar 40l Wet & Dry Vacuum

  • L Class certified for fine dust particles
  • HEPA Filter can catch up to 99.95% dust
  • Filter cleaning easy push-button; no bag changes!
  • Has Power Take-Off – plug the tool straight into the vac and they work together
  • Can be used for liquids as well
  • Big 40 litre stainless steel tank

The requirements of L Class certification of the vacuum means it can be used for materials where the dust OEL (Occupational Exposure Limits) values are >1mg/m3 plus the HEPA H13 Filter has a 99.95% retention for dust <0.3um — making it perfect for sanding plaster and finishing compounds. Another great addition is the push button filter cleaning feature, which removes the need to stop, open the vac and take off the filter to clean it before moving on.

Let’s face it there are sad stories everywhere at the moment about young tradies in their late 20s and 30s who had no idea about the dangers of silicosis through dust particles when cutting, grinding or sanding benchtops, stone, tiles, concrete or masonry product. Everyone’s been so focused on asbestos over the last decade or so that dust didn’t enter the equation. Very shortly, dust reduction or removal systems like this Full Boar unit aren’t just going to be a good idea, it’s going to be the law

$249 Full Boar Drywall Pole Sander

  • 600W Motor – Strong and durable
  • Pivoting head – Easy, flat sanding at any angles
  • 6 hook and loop sanding sheets included – readily available at various outlets
  • Extension handle – For ergonomic sanding
  • Integrated dust extraction – Efficient sanding and connects quickly to a vacuum with a self-cleaning filtration system for cleaner sanding

Steve finished off the job so we sat down and had a chat about the result. I hadn’t given Steve an idea about the background or cost of the machine in the lead up to the test. After Steve gave me the thumbs up on the product in terms of ergonomics, control, impressive reach and more importantly, great suction and power, he eventually asked me where he could grab one and how much they were. When I said he could grab these at Bunnings for just under $250 each Steve’s jaw nearly hit the ground. He had assumed they were considerably more expensive and confirmed it was the best vac and drywall sander in their price ranges he had ever used over his 20 years of plastering!

[colored_box color=”yellow”]For more information visit www.bunnings.com.au/ our-range/brands/f/full-boar[/colored_box]

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