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FloorBond XMS by H.B. Fuller

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FloorBond XMS by H.B. Fuller is an MS timber flooring adhesive designed specifically for Australian timber and Australian conditions. FloorBond XMS has been developed and manufactured in Australia and the colour of the product has been specifically matched to popular timber floors in the Australian market. By having local manufacturing, FloorBond XMS provides a range of features that improve workflow, usability and reliability of the product. FloorBond XMS is designed to retain application peaks when trowel applied, in order to ensure good contact and maximum adhesion with the timber floorboards when brought into contact with the subfloor. Using H.B. Fuller’s hybrid polymer technology FloorBond XMS achieves greater than 1 MPa shear strength when bonding timber to timber, and bonds to a wide range of different substrates such as various different species of timber, concrete, plywood, particle board, MDF and fibre cement sheeting.

FloorBond XMS is suitable for indoor bonding of all types of timber floors to porous and non-porous substrates, such as concrete, fibre cement and timber subfloors. The acoustic properties of FloorBond XMS make it ideal for use in areas where movement and noise need to be absorbed, and is also suitable for floors with underfloor heating.  To make the application process easier, FloorBond XMS features a long open time of 60 minutes, allowing longer work times before the product skins. If the lid is replaced securely, FloorBond XMS can be re-used for up to 6 weeks after being opened.

FloorBond XMS is isocyanate, solvent and water free and is not hazardous according to the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and labelling of Chemicals (GHS) including Work, Health and Safety regulations, Australia. With very little odour and easy clean up from your skin, FloorBond XMS provides a much more pleasant environment during the application process and does not release harmful fumes into their air.

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