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FLIR Systems are in the business of developing and manufacturing technologies that enhance perception and awareness through innovative sensing solutions.

By utilising their thermal imaging, visible-light imagining, video analytics, measurement and diagnostic, and advanced threat detection systems – it’s pretty safe to say these guys and girls deal with some pretty high-tech gear.

The team at FLIR Systems have just announced their multi-purpose EM54 Environmental Meter for HVAC/R measurements. The highly accurate EM54 is ideal for inspecting ducting, electrical motors, thermal equipment, and other system components in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. This high-quality, easy-to-operate meter can help users quickly and accurately identify symptoms of clogged filters, duct leaks that reduce airflow, and overloaded HVAC systems.

Equipped with an external vane anemometer for wide-range, high-resolution air velocity measurements, the FLIR EM54 Environmental Meter lets users check air speed at duct inlets and outlets quickly and precisely. This allows for simplified duct airflow calculation and efficient troubleshooting. The air-con guys and girls out there are going to love this new Meter – it does everything except cook your bacon and eggs!

The EM54 Environmental Meter’s built-in hygrometer identifies deviations from ambient relative humidity levels, which can cause static hazards at manufacturing sites and discomfort in homes and offices. The included Type-K contact temperature probe is useful for checking electric motors and thermal equipment components for proper operating temperatures. The EM54 also calculates wet bulb and dew point temperature.

The EM54 Environmental Meter features an easy-to-read, multi-function display, a MIN-MAX-AVG recording function, and a programmable Auto Power Off timer. Rugged and reliable, the multi-purpose diagnostic tool comes with a three-year limited warranty.

Learn more at www.flir.com.au/products/em54

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