Home Updates Fixing sheet flooring with Simpson Strong-Tie® Quik Drive® Auto-Feed Screw Driving Systems is easy!

Fixing sheet flooring with Simpson Strong-Tie® Quik Drive® Auto-Feed Screw Driving Systems is easy!

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“Well, that was much easier than I thought it would be.” This is a comment Simpson Strong-Tie sales reps hear often when they demonstrate the Quik Drive® auto-feed screw driving system, especially when installing sheet flooring. When asked to screw down sheet flooring,  a builder or contractor’s first thought often is to use a cordless drill and chip board screws, which requires bending over to manually drill each screw. That’s why they are so impressed with the speed and accuracy of the Quik Drive system because it provides hands-free screw advancement, eliminating handling of individual screws, and allows for stand-up driving.

Attached to an appropriate speed screw gun, the Quik Drive PRO250 drives screws quickly and accurately. The Quik Drive twin lead WSNTLA2SA10 collated screw drives 40 per cent faster than a standard coarse thread screw, saving time and labour on the floor installation.

Another common problem we hear from contractors on a sheet flooring installation is: “We can only fix the flooring as fast as the rest of the crew can trim the boards in and put the glue to the joists.” When using the Quik Drive system, the screws pull the flooring tightly to the joists, spreading the glue the width of the joist and providing a superior finish to manual driving. Eliminating the warranty issues associated with squeaking floors well makes up the difference in cost between screws and nails, which amounts to only $70 on average for a two-storey home.

The search to find a better way for flooring installation, along with ensuring compliance with AS1860-2 (that recommends sheet flooring be screwed versus nailed when fixed to I-Beams) has led a number of Australia’s larger project builders implementing the use of screws in floor installation. This change has resulted in a dramatic drop off in warranty call backs for squeaky floors.

To arrange a demo or learn more about the Simpson Strong-Tie® Quik Drive® auto-feed screw driving systems, contact Simpson Strong-Tie on 02 98317700 or visit www.strongtie.com.au.

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