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EziCoat® – The latest innovation in Steel Framing

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For corrosion protection specifically for steel framing applications

EziCoat® is the latest in corrosion protection from Buildex®, formulated explicitly for steel framing applications.  Buildex® recognised the need for a specific coating for fixing steel frames & trusses after working closely with their customers to understand their needs.

Steel Framers have many unique issues that needed to be addressed.  The biggest significant concern in steel frame manufacturing is OH&S, particularly noise.  Noise levels in steel frame factories are high & workers hearing levels must be tested regularly to ensure no harm to workers’ hearing.  Using existing steel framing screws with general corrosion coatings and impact drivers contributes to consistently high noise levels.  With new EziCoat® screws, non-impact drivers can be used resulting in significant reduction of noise in the factory.   With this reduced noise comes reduced risk of hearing loss and workplace injury.

Also of concern to steel frame manufacturers is efficiency.  The speed at which they can manufacture frames dictates the number of frames they can produce in a day, a week, a month, a year.  EziCoat allows the user to fix more screws per battery charge for the drill decreasing overall installation time & delivering efficiencies (and cost savings) for the factory.

Using EziCoat® also reduces the amount of torque produced.  With less torque to fight, the user is able to install more fasteners with less fatigue.

All Buildex® EziCoat® screws are manufactured to strict Buildex® standards, an ISO 9001 quality certified organisation.  EziCoat® is also manufactured in accordance with AS3566 Class 3 in accordance with NASH (National Association of Steel House Framing) Guidelines.

Finally, you can be confident you have the smart choice for steel framing, EziCoat® screws, in your frames as they are easily identifiable –  gloss black in colour.

For more information please go to www.buildex.com.au



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